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Yesterday= high confidence day!

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I don't understand HOW this diet works, but here Are some things I know:

 it really does work
 it changes the way you eat by 180 degrees
 it changes your cravings for sweets (diminishes them!)
 it keeps weight off

Yesterday, I went to a gathering and it was almostbembarrassing how many people commented on how skinny I looked... Some, rather loudly! I was seriously on a high. It made me think about how even in P3, your body continues to shift around. I don't think those comments could have come at a better time... Right at the end of P3.

I praise God for helping me each morning, BEFORE stepping on the scale. He is the only reason I was able to relax this round and not focus on my R2 failure being repeated this time around.

I will keep you all posted on my progress...

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Praise God!! So, how do you think your body has changed since going from Ph2 to Ph3? I have had maybe one incident when people freaked out, it was totally weird! lol I would think I would get that more since I've lost 30lbs, and gone from a size 8 to a size 2....but nope! Maybe I will still have some changes that go on in Ph3....I hit Ph3 Day 21 on Monday.....getting excited to get my workouts back in! You do look amazing, you tiny thing!
  2. disco_m's Avatar
    LOL! So funny! I personally think that it is now Summer and I am not afraid to wear tighter T-shirts... I think I have been so covered up until now that people are flipping out. It was really strange to me, but I loved it. It shows that people don't know if you are +2ldw.... only you know that!

    Are you changing anything up for your first day of P4?