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  1. feeling BLAH at end of Load day 2??

    Hello there!!

    this is (almost) the end of my load day 2 and I feel sooo Blah, I normally dont eat this much food high in fat. I full EXTREMELY full and cant stand it! besides I had my gallbladder taken out few years back so I have always had to control the amount of fats I ate, so now I am dreading the next few days with the fats that I have eaten.

    Also I am VERY concerned for some reason that after eating all this food that I may not see a drop in weight in the next ...
  2. First day of LOADING

    Hey there,

    I am looking forward to this diet! I have heard nothing but good things from it and it doesn't seem too hard. for starters I barely eat as it is (that's my major problem). So I think that the 500 calorie a day "Should" not be a problem. Funny how once your told you cant eat something that's when you want it the most. hoping for a good 30lb loss, but I will take anything at this point.

    Today has been hard "making" myself Over eat! never ...