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  1. Happy to report an update on my progress

    Haven't been much on any sites lately, not sure why, probably simply just needed a break.
    However, the diet was still going strong.
    In total, I have lost over 90 lb in less than a year.
    Never believed, I would be beautiful and fit again.
    Truly, my dream has come true. I say has, even though I still want to lose a bit more, but I am already very very happy.
    It was hard, but definitely doable. I love to eat. I believe, I am even addicted to food. Went to few seminars ...
  2. 800 cal revised version. It works, and I am considering

    Here is the list of allowed foods on 800 cal diet. My friend does it and loses weight very nicely. I am giving you a pasted copy of her entry. Thank you Sammi's Hcg stuff

    Alright guys, hereís a list of the things I work with on P2ÖI think I got everything, but if I remember others, Iíll be sure to add them. Also, if you notice something missing from this list that youíve seen on my page, please leave me a note and let me know so I can get it added here!
    Oh, and as ...
  3. Ph2 VLCD 14 Hunger pangs and reason behind it: why am I not losing any!?

    Remeber when I was complaining of terrible hunger pangs, cravings for almost any food, especially fat and carbs.
    What do you know...I was going to the gym regularly. Well, this is what happened (my short story of the last 4-5 month).
    I was getting into the healthy habit, limiting super fatty fried foods that I was making enjoy. Stopped baking cakes, stopped eating any meat, etc and slowly, since the beginning of April of 2011 I lost on my own about 15-20 lb. I will never know the ...
  4. R1 Ph2 VLCD 13

    After few difficult evenings due to carb cravins, which I didn't give in to, I am happy to report I lost today 1.1 lb. I had gained yesterday 0.8, and the day before that I lost only 0.2 lb.
    It was discouraging a bit, and the cravings were real bad. Instead, I ate extra protein, just to stuff myself. Today, I was pleased with the scale. I had no fruit yesterday, tons of organic spring lettuce and beef with fish (on separater occations). The result was good, even though by the evening I was ...

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  5. R1 Ph2 VLCD 12

    After losing about 10 lb while on vlcd, I notice the big differnce. My clothes are lose, I look smaller. It really works miracles this hcg thing.
    Lately, for the last few days, I haven't been losing, and today I am up 0.8 lb. A little sad. But I know, I didn't cheat, I was fallowing POP faithfully, so I guess that is just my body adjusting.
    The only problem I have right now is constipation. I feel backed up. I tried herbal tea from the health food store, it worked, but made me very ...
  6. R1 Ph2 VLCD 1

    So I made through the first day. It was easier than I thought. I had a glass of cabbage juice (made yesterday) in the morning.
    Went to the gym, finally! Did my group, called Fusion. On my way home, ate few strawberries.
    At home for lunch had spinach smoothie (spinach, water and stevia) with a small piece of chicken breast.
    Then I had apple for snack.
    For dinner, I made some cabbage with onions. Had a bit of that.
    That is it. Oh, and when I felt hungry at around ...
  7. Round 1 Phase 1 starting, anybody with me?

    I finally got my drops yesterday, and I started the diet! Took my drops, about 15 drops, that comes to 1cc. Got up today, took the drops under the toungue, held it there for few minutes. After some time, I took my B12 vit drops, too.
    Today in the morning, just after one take of drops yesterday, I am down 3 lb. But that maybe just morning drop, I am not sure. Either way, I was happy looking at the scale.
    I am supposted to load today. But I already feel like eating something healthy. ...
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  8. Good news and bad news

    I am still waiting for my drops in my mail, that's the BAD news. The package have been cleared through customs, it's in Canada now, so it should reach me sometime soon, I am hoping by Friday I sould have it.
    There was a concern for me. I am supposted to get my TOM soon, and was worried that both, the package and TOM, will arrive at the same time.
    GOOD news. My TOM has arrived! It usually only lasts few days, so I figure by the time I will get my drops, my TOM will be finished, too. ...

    Updated September 8th, 2011 at 07:10 AM by Dobermangirl

  9. Excited about the future, doing some of reflecting on the past

    Woke up this morning again with the same thoughts, when will my order arrive. In reality, I know I better get patient, because it will take time, maybe even few weeks. Orders take time, especially to Canada!
    Making home made ice cream for my son and hoping to get the drops soon. Trying to continue on eating healthy, but obviously have given up. Started eating more carbs, even some sugar.
    For more than three month I did so well. The funny thing is, that after a while I got so used ...

    Updated August 27th, 2011 at 08:29 AM by Dobermangirl

  10. Waiting for my drops in the mail!

    I am very excited. I finally ordered (well, my husband did, thanks God, he never asked what is it for) the drops from some website that was suggested to me by somebody from the forums.
    I also ordered some B12 vitamins. Will try to get some more vitamins that are suggested to use on this diet.
    The 'hunger pangs' don't really scare me. I have been on many diets in my life. When there is hope, I can do anything.
    Have lost some weight (20 lb) on healthy diet (veggies and fish) ...