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Happy to report an update on my progress

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Haven't been much on any sites lately, not sure why, probably simply just needed a break.
However, the diet was still going strong.
In total, I have lost over 90 lb in less than a year.
Never believed, I would be beautiful and fit again.
Truly, my dream has come true. I say has, even though I still want to lose a bit more, but I am already very very happy.
It was hard, but definitely doable. I love to eat. I believe, I am even addicted to food. Went to few seminars run by a doctor in Canada. Carbs are my biggest issue. If I don't start eating them, I am fine, if I start, I just cannot stop.
This diet has been great. It kept me motivated and that is what kept me strong and going.
Apple cider vinegar, calcium pyruvate and CLA are crucial, but that is my opinion. Daily vitamins and supplements are vital to good health. Have been taking them all.
Learned some tricks that came in handy.
Have been losing an average 1 lb a day.
With exercise, I have maintained my body looking pretty good and not too flabby. I get commented, on how fit and muscular I look. I do go to the gym, sadly, not regularly. In the winter, have missed almost 3 month. But prior to that I did work out quite vigorously. Every bit helps.
Basically, never give up. Just get back on track on keep on going!
Lots of luck to everyone!

p.s. while obese and overweighed, I was very angry and miserable. I was a mean mom, especially. Now, I am very happy and loving! My son told me that several times, what a fun and happy (beside pretty, etc) mommy I have become. No better compliment than that!

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Congratulations! That is incredible! Good of you to come back and tell about your success. Most people on the site are struggling or don't believe long germ success is possible. I am glad you made it. Any issues w stabilizing? How many rounds did you do? I have the same issue w carbs & sugar... No control once I start.
  2. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    I did about three rounds. I say about, because one round, the second, was very long, almost 60 days, with few cheats in between. Still, successful at the end.
    Stabilizing wasn't easy, but surely worth it. On Christmas-New Years celebrations time, I took a month off, let go and ate whatever I wanted, how much I wanted. Didn't gain more than 4 lb, that is basic load weight, which was gone within first days of LCD. I did 800 cal. which is more healthy, with more fruits and gr. veggies. I started with VLCD 500, then found out about LCD 800 and switched. Both are fine, but 800 somehow just stuck to me, so I continued.
    Main thing, is not to get discouraged after a slip up, like a cheat....Just get back to the diet. I was getting really disappointed in myself, thought I won't make it, I should give up. Luckily, I stuck to it. With lots of bums along the way, but stuck to it. Some days were especially hard. For me the hardest time is around middle, towards the end of the round. ACV really helped. I was (still am) drinking with water up to a liter a week. Buying a gallon at the health food market and drinking it. Really curbs the hunger and cravings...
    Just keep going, at the end it will be all worth it. No matter what, do not give up.
  3. Perseverance's Avatar
    Congratulations! It is so nice to hear from you.