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Ph2 VLCD 14 Hunger pangs and reason behind it: why am I not losing any!?

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Remeber when I was complaining of terrible hunger pangs, cravings for almost any food, especially fat and carbs.
What do you know...I was going to the gym regularly. Well, this is what happened (my short story of the last 4-5 month).
I was getting into the healthy habit, limiting super fatty fried foods that I was making enjoy. Stopped baking cakes, stopped eating any meat, etc and slowly, since the beginning of April of 2011 I lost on my own about 15-20 lb. I will never know the exact number, because the bigger I got, the less interested in the scale I was. My size was 18-20, so go figure. BMI 35
After I lost some weight, I got an offer to join the women's gym, which I happily accepted. There, I was working out like a mad woman, 5-6 times a week, for 2 h a day! Incorporated very healthy, self created diet and lost another 20 lb. So that was (the gym) from late May to mid July.
During the summer, we went to the cottage, came back, I got lazy and left the gym for a while, blaming the old torn running shoes. Supposedly I was too embaresed to go....excuses, excuses...
Found HCG miracle diet, ordered the drops. The first week of taking drops, started going back to the gym. So, naturally, at first I was taking easy, getting used to the routine. That was my vlcd 1-5. Lost 10 lb. Was happy.
Slowly, was gaining strength at the gym, and felt very encouraged by the losess. People started coming up to me and compliment me on how much weight I had lost. That made me work out even harder...
I was not losing any weight, I was miserable, I was hungry and simply not a nice person to be around.
Started wondering what is going on. And here I found the answer. This may help several people, so read on. It's a copy of a note from my face book hcg page friend. WE have a nice group of ladies, if you want to join, look me up, I am Dobermangirl Hcg.

I've been working out sporadically throughout this whole thing, but decided to bump up the intensity 10 days ago, (working out for an hour or so daily), and then started my running program a week ago.

First few days, weight loss was pretty consistent - a little over a pound a day. But have had some weird fluctuations since I started the jogging: didn't lose anything yesterday, and then gained a pound today. O_o Yesterdays stall, I attributed to the extra chicken I munched on while separating it all the other night - my bad, I know. But this mornings gain is a mystery - I was literally at like exactly 500 calories yesterday (eating amazingly clean), drank an EXTRA liter of water, and got good sleep! But...I did rock a pretty intense workout in the morning, and then did some running with Matthew after work. Which got me wondering.

So, I decided to research a little further into the whole "working out while on HCG" controversy. ...again, with mixed information. Some say yes, some say no. So here's an excerpt from an article that made me second guess my routine:

"It's a classic weight loss plan: eat less food and exercise more. And it is so logical that it should work, right? So why is it that the popular homeopathic HCG diet plan that is the accepted solution for many who suffer the ill effects of obesity or near obesity or just extra weight strongly urges its dieters to give their exercise regime a rest while on the diet?

Susan B., HCG Diet Direct dieter, says, "The discouragement of exercise was a definite turn off for me. But it's because I didn't get it. Once I understood the physiological effects of the program it absolutely made sense. I missed my exercise regime, but I understood the need to take it easy. And once I got into the maintenance phase I started it back up again."

The specific physiological effects of the homeopathic HCG weight loss remedy make the body feel as if its getting plenty of food. But in reality, dieters are only eating approximately 500 calories. This limited caloric intake is simply not enough to support an intense workout.

Dieters who insist on incorporating a workout while on the homeopathic HCG weight loss plan could inhibit their weight loss. While limited amounts of exercise are okay (20 minutes of walking, for instance) intense workouts just aren't supportable. Exercise increases hunger. And on top of that...the combination of the very low calorie diet and the exercise could cause the body to go into starvation mode; holding onto the weight you're trying to lose. It has a negative impact by lowering your stamina and many lose their commitment to the diet plan.

Homeopathic HCG dieters who were upset by the lack of exercise incorporated in the program eventually realized that the weight loss and fat loss were worth the lack of exercise. When they got back to the gym they had better work outs than ever before. The weight loss leaves you with more energy and you'll feel the effects of a more healthy weight as you pick up your exercise regime where you left off."

And some more good info:

"With many weight loss plans, diet and exercise go hand in hand. However in the traditional HCG Diet, exercise is discouraged. It is suggested that intense workouts will negatively impact the stamina of the individual on a 500 calorie diet and will reduce the effects of the HCG.

When the body burns more calories while already on a low calorie diet, it may go into starvation mode, and as a result, start storing fat instead of burning it. The mixed signals sent to the body will reduce the effectiveness of the HCG Diet. Intense exercise while on a HCG Diet can be very dangerous and the risk of the individual passing out or becoming dehydrated rapidly is very high.

During the diet, walking is considered to be the most suitable exercise if it is for shortened duration of about 20 minutes or 1 to 2 miles. However caution needs to be exercised while walking and care needs to be taken that the intensity is not increased to even a slight jog. Remember, it is very important to stay hydrated and monitor your heart rate during the workout.

Another recommendation is to practice Yoga with the diet. It helps increase strength and flexibility, and a focused mind invokes renewed dedication to the diet."

...and there we are. Afraid that I'm throwing my body into starvation mode, I'm going to stop my running program for now - but start it right back up in phase three. And rather than the hour-long bootcamp workouts I've been rocking in the mornings, I think I might look into some Yoga and Pilates.

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