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R1 Ph2 VLCD 12

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After losing about 10 lb while on vlcd, I notice the big differnce. My clothes are lose, I look smaller. It really works miracles this hcg thing.
Lately, for the last few days, I haven't been losing, and today I am up 0.8 lb. A little sad. But I know, I didn't cheat, I was fallowing POP faithfully, so I guess that is just my body adjusting.
The only problem I have right now is constipation. I feel backed up. I tried herbal tea from the health food store, it worked, but made me very uncomfortable and grouchy, because of the cramps.
I will try Magnesium citrate. Hopefully it will help.
I drink lots and lots of water, a minimum of 4 liters. I take psyllium husk with 2 glasses of water. I drink org. apple vinegar.
I know, a lot of people have this problem. I read, one of the remedies may be drinking HOT water with a juice of one lemon. I will try that too, especially that today is cold, windy and rainy outside.
My other issue is carb craving. For the last few days I had bad carb cravings. Didn't give in, but it was hard. Instead, I ate egg whites and tomatoe. At the beginning of my vlcd I was using some coconut oil, now I stopped. Maybe I should start again, because at first I was losing regularly about 1 lb a day. And I had no big cravings. I just want a piece of bread....
Morning are easy, i go to the gym, work hard, feel really good. Women at the gym started coming up to me and comment in amazement about my loss. I don't tell them about hcg....he he
Jackets I haven't worn in few years, are now lose and comfy. All my home clothes are hanging on me. What an awesome feeling. So, even lately I haven't had any great losses, I can see the losses on my body.
How do other people deal with constipation?
Do you use coconut oil?
How are your days going?
Any challenges?

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  1. Nyisha27's Avatar
    Hi There,

    Happy to see things are going in the right direction. I am on VLCD Day 12 and so far down about 11 pounds no lost today but thats ok. I knew sooner or later things would slow down not worried. NOT having constipation issues. Going just about everyday may miss one day max. Any who I drink just regular green Tea daily and that seem to work with a splash of lemon and 2 packets of stevia. I have noticed when i cut out one of my fruits i lose the next day. Did that for two days and lost both didnt do it yesterday and look at today. So I try to skip it if i can and if not oh well. NOt really beating my self up because 10 -11 pounds in a little over a week is still great. Any way hope your scale is back moving tomorrow hang in there.
  2. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    I am on the same boat with you. Have lost 11.3 lb since on vlcd. Have a gain today of 0.8...lost yesterday only 0.2 lb. Some say, it may be citrus fruit. I can try not eating any today. I had one full lemon juice with hot water, I was told that helps to go...
    It's good to know, at least, that I am right on track, like you are. That relaxes me a lot. I am a worry kind of person by nature...
    I don't like stevia, but it's good with raw ginger tea. Kills the spicyness.
    I will not eat any citrus today, just an apple later on for late breakfast.
    YOu are right, our losses are pretty good as it is! Plus, no hunger! And I am definitely losing inches! Which is the hardest and the most important. I have had eating issues (disorders, like bulimia and anorexia), when I was 20 y. old. NOw I am 35...and have dealt with those problems. But I know what it is to lose water...not inches, though. The skinniest I have been was 116 lb for my big boned 5.8 frame. I was passing out on the floor....
    My normal and healthy looking weight is 135-140 lb. Size 4-6. I would be extremely happy if I ever got into size 8! The last I checked, I was size 16. Scary.
    Anyway, too much blabbling. Sorry, it just kind of poured out...
  3. rivergal's Avatar
    Hi ...

    I have used a tea called "Smooth Moves" .. that might help. Also ...I was stuck for 2 days and did the " only eat 6 apples and drink water day" seems to have worked for me. I feel much better today LOL. I have lost a total of 9.9 lbs and am on day 8 Stay Strong!!! your doing fine...
  4. Dobermangirl's Avatar
    HI, thank you for your input. I got similar kind of tea, it helped, but was a little painful. Good job on losing almost 10lb! Together we can do it!