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Weightloss has really slowed down...

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Not sure if this is normal or not after the 1st week however I only had another .8 loss this morning. If anyone has insight on this that would be great, just not sure if I should be expecting more. VLCD8 and things seem to be going good. I forget to eat my toast/breadstick at times so maybe I am not getting enough calories, I plan on making sure I eat those going forward.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.

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  1. livfor4's Avatar
    I NEVER ate the bread. Melba toast and bread sticks just made me want more so I cut those out all together. Weight loss will slow down, that's normal. But .8 loss is still significant (I know when you're used to more it doesn't seem like it but it is!) Just keep following the protocol and you'll do great! Some days you'll have more loss than others and that's normal too. Don't get discouraged!! You're doing great!
  2. nsbrown76's Avatar
    You are doing very well. The weight loss does slow down. Some days will show 0.2 and some days 1.8. It all averages out pretty well over the course. I also ate grissini in the first 2 weeks and decided to cut it out. Not that I wanted more I just wanted to lose as much as possible and since I am a carb junkie my body might hold on to it.
  3. shari'sjourney's Avatar
    i was going to say the exact thing the two above me have already said. keep focused and follow the plan it will work. i am starting my p3 on thursday. i was on a 50 day hhcg spray bottle program. i have lost 7 inches just from my waist. love it! everyone else's programs seems different from mine. but lots of similarities.
  4. DoingThisForMe's Avatar
    Thanks ladies, I will keep on truckin! I love the support we get on here!