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Doing this to Love Me because of HCG

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Hey guys I am a first time HCGer and I will be doing my HCG through a weight loss clinic near my home. I mentioned in the newcomer section about how they offer weight training, personal trainer, nutritionist, and chiropractor for 6 months for the HCG journey. I feel like this is a great commitment not only because of the HCG but phases afterwards I will be learning what I should do to make this a complete lifetime change.

I have been through a LOT in my life and I am now 26 and feel like Im ready to make that final turn around. I was a teen single mom at 18 and was fortunate enough to find an awesome husband, but with marriage comes STRESS then on top we had a death, baby, job loss all in the past 4 years. During that time I had a stressful job and was a student. I have gotten my Associates and Im 9 classes away from my bachelors. My husband has now been working for 2 years and we have been more stable than ever! I figure its a perfect time to work on me. I am going on vacation for labor day and I would like to go at least 20lbs lighter. My total goal would be to loose 50lbs but I dont mind taking small steps to do so and the RIGHT way.

I will officially begin my journey this Thursday on the 26th. Well that's when my first Clinic visit is.

I am anxious, excited, confused and worried.
Why you ask?????????????
Well I am an extremely picky eater and by looking at some of the food or vegetables mostly that is allowed on ONLY like spinach out of that. My normal veggies consists of Brussels sprouts, cabbage, green beans, broccoli and spinach, sweet potato, lima beans.. so I have to see can ANY of those be used, I do like onions but its more on if they are cooked with something. I also love love love chicken broth and turkey bacon to cook my veggies, in and Im guessing I will be saying goodbye to my bacon.
For those of that are mommies and wives how do you still make meals for the family? Do yo make separate ones for yourself. Where is the best place to get a scale?

I think I have rambled long enough. I will be posting pics soon too for you guys to follow along with.

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  1. MeganP's Avatar

    I'm not a mommy persay but I have a boyfriend who eats as much as a family haha . I bought my scale at Walmart I think it was 20 bucks for the food one and than I got a weight watchers one for me . My advice for being able to be sucessful is cook all your food minus veggies and fruit on your days off /un busy days . Yes the smells will tempt you ... But remember your food is in the freezer and is a zap or fry away from being eaten.

    I'm a picky eater as well. I mostly only ate cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce .
    Never had anything else except spinach and didn't ever eat a grapefruit ! Ew . But the key to making your goal quick is not to cheat ... You'll be so much quicker done if you don't cheat I learned the hard way.
    YOu can use some broths I just can't remember which bacon and fat like butter and oil tho are for phase 3 only .

    Congrats on wanting to do a lifestyle change and being close to done school that's awesome

    Also water is extremely important on this diet ! For maximum weight loss I suggest fish and chicken for protein , no Melba and an apple or strawberries
    Updated July 23rd, 2012 at 04:02 PM by MeganP
  2. jgslimmer's Avatar
    Hi there, getting ready to start but on my own. Wish you much success.
  3. We should be proud's Avatar
    All the best in this new journey!!
  4. doingthistolovme's Avatar
    Tanks guys today at 530 I am going in for my appointment!