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I'm back!!!

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It's been a while... 2 years actually. I used HCG to help me get comfortable in my skin for my wedding and boy did it work. I lost more than 50 lbs! I look back at the pictures of my wedding and think, who is that woman?! Let's just say marriage has gotten me comfortable and I have nothing to show for all my previous hard work with HCG but beautiful wedding pictures.

Since the last time I was here my husband and I have each taken new (and better paying jobs) that keep us pretty much desk bound. We're also in the process of buying our first home, we should close next week. We've made many great leaps forward in many aspects of our life but have let our health be on the back burner, but can no longer afford to let it sit on the back burner as we really would like to start a family in the next year.

We loaded Friday and Saturday and today is our first day of P2. I am looking forward to getting back to being the woman in my wedding pictures and getting to a healthy weight so we can start working on beginning our family. I hope that this site is as much help to me as it was previously.

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