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Round 3? Pros and Cons...

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I'm wanting to start round 3, but lately I've been having some health issues. Chest pains that my doctor cannot explain, but I am beginning to think they are stress related. Also last week I thought I had appendicitis. I was in a lot of pain for no reason. I'm up 7 lbs from last dose weight. I've been off protocol for over a month and a half. I'm ready to get back on track. I've been running between my home here on the coast and Seattle as my papa is back in the hospital so my food choices have been limited. I haven't gone grocery shopping so we've just been ordering in to make things easier or digging things out of the cupboards...and there is some bad stuff deep in those cupboards. Today I realized how far away I am from where I was so I will be doing a steak day to try and get a little closer to my ldw. I am debating going back on hcg, because of the health issues I've been experiencing. I've been thinking I might be better off switching things up and doing the Super Charged South Beach Diet, but in all honesty I just want to lose this next 27 lbs quickly so I can order my wedding dress.

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