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Well Monday my Papa had his surgery. He was in surgery for 7.5 hours and did really well. The doctor came to talk to us after the surgery and said he was surprised just how well my papa did and hopefully that is an indication that he will heal just as well. My papa lost his eye in the surgery and they put a piece of skin over the socket. It's quite disturbing to see at first, but I am just so thankful that he is here and they said they got all the cancer that they could see. My papa will be in the hospital for at least a week and then a step down facility if necessary and then he will start radiation. When I went to visit him in the ICU after the surgery he was alert and talking which we didn't expect. He introduced each of us as we came in to his nurse (always the gentleman), he cracked a few jokes, and threatened to put a boot in my fiances butt if he didn't get me home safe and sound...which was a big relief if he is able to joke and threaten people only 2 hours after a major surgery I know he can beat this thing! He was moved into his own room yesterday. I go back up on Friday for the weekend so my grandma can get a little break.

As for my weight I have been doing pretty good holding about 228 which is about .4 above LDW. Today I am up but I am guessing it is from the stress eating over the weekend. My fiance is also up today the hospital cafeteria food has caught up with him too. We are doing a steak day today to get things under control. We will be loading again Sunday and Monday and then starting our drops again on Tuesday. This will be my final round if I can get under 200. My goal weight is 180 and I hope to get under 200 with the drops and then drop the rest of the weight through exercise and the good eating habits I have picked up from my HCG journey.

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  1. tnsweetness's Avatar
    Glad to hear your Papa is doing well. Hope he gets better each day! My Grandpa was like that...always the jokester, even when he wasnt feeling well he made sure everyone else was ok! God Bless!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Yes, this is good news. Glad to hear they feel they got all the cancer.
  3. AZJan's Avatar
    I'm sure that's a great relief for you! Glad to hear he is doing well.