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Haven't done a "blog" yet, and it's 20 days into this protocol. But have decided to do one, as it is almost like a diet journal. I like journaling, and have actually been keeping one off line of my hcg journey. And that is what it is. I find if I just worry about the end of the round, it's much more difficult. Instead I'm trying to use the "everyday" everyday to learn, (mostly from other people's blogs, and the forums) and to experiment with seasonings and menus, trying to carefully stay on protocol.

I'm a grandmother of three. Don't feel my age, even my doctor says I don't look my age, which makes me more determined to lose a few of these excess pounds. I really want to be the best I can be at any age. After all, age is largely just a number. So here I am.

HCG has been a godsend to me. I luv this protocol. Have lost 17.8 lbs since starting. Actually had gained some this summer. It was a long, hot summer and hubby and I had a good time, noshing together. But I'm not ready to just give up on feeling good about myself, and looking good, either. Nothing wrong with that, at any age. I luv watching Dancing with the Stars and the older people are always an inspiration. That Florence Henderson, isn't she a cutie at 76?! What I hope to be at that age.!

Anyway will try and start journaling more here than in my notebook. If someone else reads it and gets encouraged in anyway, that'd be good--if not, I'll be able to look back and reflect on how I felt, during this Round 1.

  1. hcg source

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    Enjoy your last load day! Just curious, what size and how much was the hcg from Telewellness?

    Here is the link to their product line: https://telewellnessmd.com/products

    I went with the 6000iu for 130
  2. Some p4 advice from Leez

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    It can be an issue, especially if you start introducing starches right away.

    Are you starting to introduce starches in P4? If so, you might want to leave a couple days in between testing. P4 is mostly about testing the amount of starch you can add back into your routine without gaining.

    If you find that any amount of starch triggers a gain, it can help to do a month of the FMD diet to desensitize you to carbs. I found that it worked pretty quickly to do that. I