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Artichoke parm/cheese casserole from Polly

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Talking about artichokes made me want to make some tonight but when I finally found my jar of mayo in the back if the fridge…it was best by December 2020. Ugh. Smelled ok but open for 6 months? Maybe not a good idea!

It’s really a dip, but it is so good, eat it w a spoon!

Hot Artichoke (Dip) or Casserole

(I make a half recipe of this for just me, which lasts days in the fridge, and you can heat up servings in the microwave.)

2 14-ounce cans water-packed artichoke hearts, quarters, drained and squeezed, broken up.

2 cups Best Foods or Hellman’s Mayo. Or make your own.

2 cups GRATED fresh parmesan cheese. (Not shredded, wrong texture) ( and not the canned stuff people put on pizza and popcorn!) Those round plastic containers of parm cheese found in the “fancy” cheese refrigerated area of the supermarket are only 5 Ounces, but grated cheese is LIGHT so it’s close enough! Use two containers if you are doing the full sized recipe. (Did I mention this stuff is maybe $5 a bite?)and one more time: Grated, not shredded. If you cant find grated, put shredded into a Cuisinart and pulse it a bunch.

Mix together in a bowl with a big old spoon. No meed to use a blender etc. It’s supposed to be lumpy. spread into a casserole dish. Bake at 350 around 30 minutes until hot, bubbly and a bit browned. Time depends on how thin or thick you prefer to spread it.

As a side dish, cut a 2” or 3” square serving and eat sl-ooo-ow-ly and enjoy!

Or serve as a dip with veggies or chips or crackers for those who still eat those!

The 2-2-2 version is a party sized dip.

Make a half recipe using 1-1-1.

No idea on calories, etc except a LOT. I mean, you know: Mayo!

Artichokes are pretty low carb. 2 tbsps are 11 calories and 1 carb.

Ok. That’s all you could possibly want to know about Hot Artichoke Stuff!


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