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balsamic vinegar slaw

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I had cabbage several times this week, maybe that is why I didn't hold on to that 1.8 loss one day. Had the rest of it for my veggie for lunch, hope it doesn't show up tomorrow. Interesting. You mind sharing recipe for your sweet balsamic vinegar slaw?
I remember ten years ago, I was not alone in cabbage causing gain. It truly leaves me sad! lol For the slaw... I take a standard bag'o-slaw... shred or dice apples... add balsamic and stevia (to taste) and chill overnight. I top with sunflower seeds when serving. It is great on porky-chops and chicken. I would also just eat a side dish as a snack, usually with a dash of cinnamon. The 'original' recipe called for apple cider vinegar... I tend to have a preference for the balsamic, but I have made it both ways. The apple cider version is amazing on a pulled pork sammie!! I have left out the apples, reduced the sweetness a tad, and served it over a burger with swiss.

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