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Do you have a Vitamix or someth8ng comparable? If so, blend the chicken into a soup with broth and whatever veggie (cook veggie first in broth) and seasonings. I developed a chicken aversion years ago and I came up with this. Even though I don’t have an aversion to chicken anymore I still eat these meals in P2 because I love them so much. The chicken makes a thick, creamy and hearty soup. So comforting. One of my favorites is to make a “creamy” asparagus soup. I grill my chicken on the grill to give it extra flavor. I like salt, pepper, smoked paprika and cayenne in my soup. I usually also put 3 or 4 drops of stevia in it as well, then blend til silky smooth. Must have Vitamix or comparable blender though. Won’t work with regular blender. Texture will be off :-(

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    @fnaf security breach I changed the recipe a bit because I like some other spices, especially spicy sauces.