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Covoid Comforts--time to let go of those!

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These past 10-11 months have definitely not been the norm, with lockdowns and masks! Such isolation, especially for older people, and those who live alone. Hell, I have felt isolated even though I don't live alone. I quit working out of the home about 2 years ago to raise a new baby, a FUR BABY. I just got tired of all the stress. MY job was one you were tied to a desk and headset, and the way we got phone calls, never a break. It got to the point I felt that it not good for my health. It was a rewarding job, helping people get very expensive cancer medication without cost and always busy. But it sure wasn't healthy for me. We were always eating, and way too inactive. I would be so mentally exhausted after 8-10 hrs of work, I never felt like doing anything but falling on a couch after work, didn't even want to talk to anyone after talking all day. So I quit and just decided not to go back. Fortunately, we have our own small construction company so I have that luxury. I set it up to pick up our boy, Ozzy, the weekend I left work. I planned on also spending lots of time in another state with my family and grandkids. That all worked out ok for a year, then COVOID , and stress and isolation hit and with it came ....... comfort food, lots of it, lots of binge movie watching while binging with food! Couldn't spend holidays with kids and family at all last year.

I've heard people mention the Covoid 15, the same way they refer to the Freshman 15 at college. And I'm testiment to the fact that Covoid 15 is real. I gained at least 15-20 lbs during all this lockdown. We ate a lot of comfort food, a lot of take-out. I even started taking my 2 dogs out to drive-in lunches , fast food places just to break up boredom! It started out a few days a week, but gradually became almost everyday. So being home now hasn't worked out so well for me. And here I am again, back on HCG, and working to get this trainwreck back on the track. I'm just glad when I went out, like to grocery, I WAS wearing a mask--ha, wouldn't want to be recognized!

The main thing is I decided to do something about it now. About the same weight as I was when I first started HCG 10-11 years ago. I actually thought for years that HCG wasn't even available to purchase anymore. This past month I got a couple of emails about sales of HCG, and thought heh, why not try again if it is available. I lost quite a bit in 2010 on hcg., about 47 lbs. I know the protocol works, and well if you work it. I decided to go for the gutso and purchased the prescription hcg, the shots paraphernalia, and the lipo/B12 shots as well. Loaded, began vlc on Sunday January 10. Now, on vlc day 9, I've lost 14.8 lb. Where in the world can you do that on any other diet? Without constant cravings and hunger? During my life I have done different diets, there were periods I used prescription diet pills, like phentermine, I would keep my weight within a certain range I found acceptable. But I always felt it was just waiting to get out of control. In Covoid isolation, I let it do just that. But I'm back right on the road again.

I won't blog everyday, hope to blog once every 7-10 days to kinda of keep track of how I'm doing and where I want to go over next weeks. I'm doing the hcg 2.0. Actually all that means is extra protein, mixing a few veggies and no breadsticks or fruit because you are using extra calories in your protein. So far it is going ok. Definitely losing well, but that is slowing down--don't know if much difference over the long haul. I plan on a 40 day round, and will then transition to P3 for the suggested 3 weeks, maybe 4 weeks, without a P4. After that, hope to cycle back to P2, for a short round of maybe 3 weeks, go to P3 again for 3 weeks, cycle back to P2 for a full round (hopefully last I will need) of 30 days on HCG or 35 days. Then P3, and P4 proper. At that point I hope to be satisfied with weight, and hope to by then be really intuned to eating habits, and know what and what doesn't work for my from the p3'S in there.

Hope this plan is doable and successfull! I will be if I make it happen, and that's the goal!


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    During the covid epidemic, I had to stay at home in a boring way, and I felt more comfortable. It's important that we try not to have an epidemic.
    just fall