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Last Day of Round 2, no hcg

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Finally, my last day of round 2, no hcg and I am hungry today. Actually had my last dose on Monday a.m., so I guess it is leaving my body. BooHoo.... Have to keep it together today, and not give in and eat. I don't even want to add any protein. So plan for the day is basically have a servings of my p2 chili (already made and portioned out) for lunch and dinner. I know that might not be totally protocol, but I've got so much to do and no time to cook--so it's the plan. Sounds kinda spartan to me. One more day......

BTW, haven't lost anything since my last dose day. That's a little surprising, but I think I had stalls around this time on my first round. Maybe that's what's going on. Still I hope to lose a little today, to help keep my last dose weight under wraps, so I can have a little wiggle room with that. We'll see.

Tomorrow I travel to Charlotte, but plan to jump on computer early, very early in a.m. Weight is usually up at that early a time, several hours before normal waking, so it will be interesting to see. May not want to document that. Hope everyone has a great day with many losses.

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  1. britt8tink's Avatar
    Whoohoo!!! You're moving on to P3!!!! That's great that you haven't lost any since LDD... No abnormal fat has been lost then. You'll probably be down on the scale in the morning since you're so hungry now... Have a great trip and be safe!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Keep your fingers crossed for me. You're right, I've found usually when my tummy rumbled, and grumbled, some fat loss burning was going on. Thanks, I'll check the blogs while there, but don't post usually (using their computer.) I'm thinking of getting myself from DH, lol., a laptop for xmas. Hmm?
  3. britt8tink's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dubbles
    I'm thinking of getting myself from DH, lol., a laptop for xmas. Hmm?
    ROFL! I love it!!! I love my laptop but I love my iPad even more!!!! Either way.... Sounds like your DH really loves you! lol
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    Can u use an ipad instead of a laptop? I mean, it doesn't get on the internet does it? Just curious. Thanks.
  5. britt8tink's Avatar
    Yes you can use an iPad instead of a laptop... I'm using mine right now.
  6. Dubbles's Avatar