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Haven't done a "blog" ever before, anywhere on line, or here on the hcg site. But here it is, 21 days into protocol, round 1, and I finally decide to do one! It's kind of like journaling, which I have been doing since I started this hcg journey--but on paper. Will start to "blog" now, and view it as part of this whole learning experience!

This entire hcg protocol is a journey, not a detination. And on this journey I'm learning a lot about myself and my relationship to food, and even a lot about different ways of cooking, of flavoring foods so a little feels satisfying. So much learning has been from other hcgers when they post their blogs and they converse on the forums here. So I just hope maybe I'll post or blog something that will help someone else in some small way. If noone ever reads it but me, that's ok too, it's a record I'll be able to look back on and reflect upon.

A short history, I'm a 59 year young, mother of one daughter, grandmother to 3. I don't feel my age, and most say I don't look my age, maybe they're just being nice. Regardless, it makes me more determined to be the best I can be at any age. I'm not ready to give up on feeling good, and looking good, either. So here I am.

HCG has been a godsend to me. I luv this protocol. Have lost 17.6 lbs since starting. Had gained some this summer, it was a long hot summer and hubby and I enjoyed a little too much ice-cream!

Have already had a stall, even an uptik of .8 lb, even though I don't think I've gone off protocol even once. But reading other posts always keeps me focused. So far. So plan to hang in there.

This morning on my 1st day of blogging (don't I feel young and "hep"-- maybe not with that lingo!) I find myself up .2 lb. Don't know why, and I'm not going to obssess on it, omg, it's only .2 lb. will keep on task! Maybe tomorrow will be a good loss. Hope so.

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  1. britt8tink's Avatar
    Love your pic, Dubbles! Glad to see you putting your thoughts out there!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Thanks. And thanks for your help with the ticker issue. I'm not all that great at all this computer stuff, but it's fun learning how to do some of this.
  3. mspanda's Avatar
    i always love reading your comments. it'll be great to read your blog!