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Leez food ideas

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do you ever eat a dessert or something you shouldn't
Maybe a bite or two if it is something I really want. If I'm really wanting more of that taste, I'll go home and make a version that is sugar-free and with better ingredients. I generally end up enjoying my version more. Most sugary desserts are way to sweet for me now.

What are your favorite high carb/low fat meals?
I like to do lean proteins in the air fryer coated with a smidge of oil and dusted with a nutritional yeast, parmesan + Italianish seasoning spice mix. As starchy sides, I like seasoned beans, quinoa cooked with pineapple, or sweet potatoes topped with all-fruit apricot jam. Sometimes I'll have fruit as dessert with that. If adding fruit, I adjust the starch portion size down a bit.

Pizza: I make a sprouted spelt yeast crust and top with water or broth sauteed peppers, sweet onion and mushrooms, with a low fat marinara and about an ounce of shredded part-skim mozzarella.

Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with ricotta cheese and sprinkled with Vietnamese cinnamon. A quarter cup of ricotta is about 6 grams fat and is plenty to top 2 pieces of toast.

I like to make a batch of soured grains and then rewarm as breakfast cereal. You can put any whole grains and beans into the mix you like. I generally combine brown rice, barley, wild rice, a few mung beans as my base mix, and will throw in other grains occasionally to mix it up.

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