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Last Load Day--The Final Countdown

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I've always said, I luv loading days, but daggone it, hcg has taken some of the fun out of those. Things I used to crave and really binge on just don't have the same appeal. Is it me, or does everyone else feel the same? Course it could be I'm just sick of eating after some of the Christmas/Holiday eating I've indulged in over the last month!?! Whatever, I'm ready to rumble again. (If I remember correctly, last round my tummy rumbled quite a lot at first.) However, this time I find myself actually looking forward to the restrictions of a new p2.

I'm trying to figure that out....why? I think it's because the holidays are over and done. That is a very difficult time of year to stay focused on such limited cuisine. My hat is off to each and everyone that was successful in staying on plan during this past month or so. And you gals know who u are! I was not so "good". But that's ok. It's over and done. Time to move forward. It's a New Year, New Round, and on to New Blogs!

This is actually a much better time for me to do a round, anyway. I have no trips planned for the next 3 1/2 months! I can really focus on doing all three phases correctly. And then do them that way!

But, heh, there are still a few hours left on this load day. Know what I mean? I'm thinking, maybe I had better stop blogging and go downstairs and have a few more "loading" treats before the final countdown! lol.

Wish me luck, I'll do the same for all of u. Love the blogs and the encouragement. Never mind that I shouldn't have to be doing another round , it is what it is and it'll get done this time!

The countdown is beginning now.......

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  1. Elliebabe's Avatar
    Your gonna do a Great Job Dubbles.
    You have been such a great encouragement to many on this journey, I hope we can do the same in return to you!!

    Enjoy the rest of loading!
  2. tashajo's Avatar
    In October I started this and I did it for a month and only lost 16 pounds with the drops. I was TERRIBLE at it. I did not stay focused at all and I was starving. So over the holidays and since then I gained all that weight back and then another 11 pounds. SINCE OCTOBER!!!! I started up again and on day 4 now. I have lost 11 pounds and am going pretty strong right now. I am on the pellets and they seem to be working much better than the drops. I am ready this time and I too do not have plans until March. It is much easier knowing that there isn't something big (Halloween, thanksgiving, christmas) coming around the corner. Good luck and I am sure I will be keeping in touch with you. =)
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Thanks for your encouragement, Ellie. I only hope I can help u feel a little better sometime, you've had a ruff go these past few weeks, months. Thought of u often.

    And Tashajo, good luck to you! It sounds like u have a handle on things now On day 4, and lost 11 lbs? That's fantastic!. I doubt I'll be that successful, but I'll try my hardest. I thought about ordering the pellets, but went ahead and stayed with the drops. After your post, maybe I should've gotten them. O well. And I so agree no big holidays around the corner have to be a plus. Keep in touch. I'll do the same. Onward and downward, I hope!
  4. mspanda's Avatar
    hey i just finished loading this weekend too!
  5. Jill'sJourney's Avatar
    You know what?? During my loading I have not wanted chocolate. CHOCOLATE!?!?!?! That is pretty weird for me - I never thought I'd not want it E.V.E.R. Maybe hcg does take some fun out of our favorite foods. I could stand a few weeks without yearning for chocolate, though. Not a bad trade off, I guess.