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Lovely Losers 2021 - "Awesome in AUGUST"

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Karen, some sweets:
1. Roasted vegetables. No don’t frown at me. Roasting peppers onions green beans asparagus etc. at over 400° in the oven, or charring them in a skillet brings out the sugar in them. It doesn’t add sugar, it just makes them taste very sweet. Combined with a good protein with your meal, they are a way to have something sweet.
2. More on a treat or dessert side, outshine fruit Popsicles make no sugar added ones, much fruit juice in them but only 25 cal and 2 g I’ve sugar, very low-carb. They have a variety of sweeteners in them and those can be problematic for me as in an upset system, but one a day is plenty and it’s a real popsicle. I love to grab one as I go out the door on my way back to work after lunch & eat one while I drive. Carefully.
3. Now for something really extravagant. Costco has ice cream bars that have the name Keto like a brand name with a capital letter. First ingredient is cream, next ingredient chocolate. They are sweetened with Erythritol, Sucralose, monk fruit and stevia. 2 net carbs. 180 calories—not P2! That erythritol can cause severe … uh Quick Step. But I can have one w no problem. Not 2. Never 2!!

Oh, and they are probably best eaten naked in the middle of the backyard. Lol. Remember when you were a kid and the chocolate on an ice cream bar would just splinter off and hit your clothes everywhere leaving melted chocolate? Well these are very like the original kind. I have to put a dish towel over myself in order to save my clothes, no matter how careful I am!

Hope those help!

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