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Lower sugar adult beverages

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Well...I was super bad last night. I was really good up until they brought 2 huge dessert samplers...what was supposed to be a small taste turned into a total disaster...I won’t go into anymore details. It’s depressing. I didn’t weigh this morning. I had a good workout this morning and have been fasting today to clear my body of all the sugar.

Dubbs- I usually drink vodka/soda with lemon and a stevia based sweetener or tequila with limes, water and stevia, or like Tracy mentioned, Tequila with grapefruit, I usually use a grapefruit flavored no sugar soda and sweetener. Another favorite is a no sugar mojito. There are also a few flavored vodkas that have no sundar that you can get creative with. I used to be a bartender as well so I can get pretty creative with the adult beverages.

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