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Onion soup receipe

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Tracy you are doing amazing! Keep it up (and off). That's been my challenge too. I simply have to weigh myself every day for the rest of my life. Period.

Onion soup recipe
Locate the biggest onion I can find at the store, sliver it without cutting myself or crying and then wiping my eyes and making it worse . Spray crock pot with zero calorie cooking spray. Throw in slivered onions and a clove or two of crushed garlic and crank on high. Wash hands a billion times to get onion smell off. Resign self to having slightly oniony smelling hands - day dream about onion rings, drink water and snap out of it. Stir crock pot about every hour. At 4 - 6 hours onions will be very soft and starting to carmelize. Taste onions. Burn fingers and tongue. Curse. Dog looks at me oddly. Add in one giant box of beef broth, one bay leaf and a teaspoon the thyme. Wonder how old my bay leaves are... I can't recall EVER buying them and wonder if they are over a decade old. Google bay leaf shelf life, decide it won't kill me. Let simmer about another hour. Brown my beef, put browned beef in a bowl, ladle onion soup over it. Enjoy! Usually get two meals out of the soup but brown my beef separately each time.

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