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R2P2 vlc19 Thanksgiving Weight BeGone!

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I planned to eat what I wanted on Thanksgiving Day, and I did. Not huge amounts, but a large plateful. Turkey, ham, mac and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes with roasted onion and crumbled bacon on top (my personal favorite), a spoon of potatoes au gratian, green beans, waldorf salad, rolls (several of those)--I had a spoonful of it all. Yummy! Then for dessert, a sliver of chocoate chip cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake, and chocolate pudding cake. Yes, I was bad, and yes, it showed the next morning. A 3lb uptick. But I expected that. Fortunately by today, 3 morning weigh-ins later, I have lost all that plus an extra .2, so now lower than I've been in a long time. Was it worth it? Yes, to me it was. I didn't look any different the morning after Thanksgiving carrying those three extra lbs., I didn't even feel bloated,; when I was eating dinner I didn't feel overly stuffed either, full, but not overly stuffed. I told u I could eat like a trucker.

Anyway, got right back on protocol, (I didn't stop taking my hcg during that day of binge), and it came off fairly quickly. Honestly think if I wasn't on the hcg, and just did a high protein day, it may have come off even sooner. But I have 2 more days on this round. Tuesday will be my 23rd day of hcg, and my last dose day. I have to pat myself on the back for doing this because my heart and mind was not really into this round.

But it is working. On this short round, I have lost 14.6 lbs. (including load weight, and I loaded quite a bit the weekend before my 2 loading days lol) , so I'm pleased.

Mostly what is encouraging to me, is the knowledge that I can do celebrations, such as Thanksgiving (which was actually more food than a normal celebration) and Christmas, birthdays, or a special dinner out, and then focus right back into healthy eating, and drinking of plenty of liquids. Before it seemed to always be a feast or famine, for days, not just a meal, or single event. No more. I know now my mind is capable of focusing on doing what needs to be done, and I am capable of doing it so I can occassionally eat what I want to eat, and not blow up like a balloon.! This hcg adventure has helped gain the confidence and the knowledge of what I have to do to keep more steady in my weight. I like the way I feel, having lost 34.4 lbs. I like the way I look, and I luv feeling like I don't have to avoid people or social engagements because I don't have anything to wear that fits and looks good.

I'm looking forward to p3, the additional choices, and somewhat larger portions, and I'm looking forward to Christmas--but I know I can't go back to eating like I used to, fast food every few days, and mindless junk eating. And I don't want to. My cravings seem to be less, and hopefully these positive feeling will help me continue to improve my eating, emotional and physical habits, for good.

Goal is still to lose just a couple of more lbs over the next 4 days. Fingers crossed. Maybe the binge of Thanksgiving will help those chances, as it may have shaken up my system a little. I think sometimes (as Martha Stewart would say) that's a good thing!

Looking forward to next couple of days, seeing this round thru to the finish. Thanks everyone who has encouraged me this time, it wasn't as easy for me, as last round. May everyone be a loser in the a.m.!

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  1. pinkprincess's Avatar
    I could not have said it better. I definitely know what you mean by the feast or famine comment. My mentality was always black or white. I find myself more of a grey girl here lately. Even when I have a craving, I eat a couple of bites and two things happen....First, it's not as good as I remember. And second, I'm completely satisfied with a couple of bites. It's like hcg has done something to my brain and the way that I relate to food. I never thought that I would be able to do what I have done in the past week. Truly a miracle. Congratulations on a second successful round!
  2. annie703's Avatar
    How awesome that you can have a planned cheat then go right back on the plan. I can totally relate to feeling like avoiding people and events because of not being able to look and feel your best. I bet you want to go out all the time now!