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R2P2vlc13 Feeling More Focused Today

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Well, after some hmming and hawing, about how difficult this round has been, I think I've finally settled down and feel much more focused. Last night--for the first time this round--I did not feel like I wanted to go off protocol. No cravings, at all. That was good. And today I just feel more in control and focused than I have previously this round. Thank god! It defintely took long enough.

Stayed on protocol yesterday, did do a little exercise (bicycle, walked dogs, a little yard work), and woke up to .8 lb. loss. I'll take that. During my first round, .5, .8 was considered a decent outcome, so it definitely is this round!

Yesterday I fixed some of the baked chicken with cabbage (in foil) so I will be prepared to fix lunch or dinner today without having to think about preparation. I like that, I'm going to be busy the next few weeks (like everyone), so I need to think ahead. After today only 8 more days on hcg, add my 2 days of very low calorie eating after those, so I'd really like to a result from that--maybe 5 lb. loss during then? Not sure it will happen as I really slowed down around this time on Round 1. We'll see, I'm going to think positive.

Uh, oh, just remembered Thanksgiving Thursday. OH NO!

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  1. britt8tink's Avatar
    Glad you are feeling better today, Dubbs... Congrats on the .8!!!
  2. pinkprincess's Avatar
    Im watching you like a hawk to see how my next round is going to be! Keep up the great work!
  3. coach's Avatar
    Nice result today. The chicken sounded good too. Glad your cravings have gotten more under control. That will help a bunch! Keep it up!