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R2P2vlc14 Keeping on Track.

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Don't mean to keep saying the same thing, but after a while, that's all there is to say about the p2 phase of this protocol.

It's day 14 of vlc eating, so day 16 of this round, and I haven't lost as much as on Round 1, but still have lost 13.2 lb. (that does include loading lbs.) I'm pleased with that, would've like it to be a little more, but have less to lose so I expected it to go slower.

This morning woke to .6 lb. loss. That's good for me. Only occasionally do I find a lb. or more loss in a day--either round.

Have not really figured out what I'll do at Thanksgiving. There will be enough people around that I think I can act like I'm eating more than I actuallly do. But, can I do on plan? Self-disciplined enough for that? It will be difficult. As this is such a short round, I worry that I'll undo what I've accomplished these past couple of weeks if I just allow for a cheat meal. And I really would rather not do that, but on the other hand, life is about celebrations, sometimes. I just don't know yet. Need to think some more.

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  1. TheJaguar76's Avatar
    Hi! Wellll...I think you might already know my stance on Thanksgiving and cheating in accordance with that holiday. No matter what diet I am on or what I am doing--I always eat what I want Thanksgiving. I think its BS to not enjoy that day and all its beauiful, lovely and delicious fruits. It is one day, not a week nor a lifetime. Odds are that you will lose those 2 measly pounds in the next two days. So, why stress out? Just eat all your favourites and listen to your body. When you are full, stop eating. But, don't limit yourself cause that is BS.

    People want to adjust thanksgiving meals to be more healthy, go for it..but, who gives a rip when its one day. What matters is what you do the day after and the day after that. No point in sitting in the dark, by yourself, in the corner clutching your 1/2 a grapefruit and 3.5 oz of dry chicken...its ridiculous...

  2. britt8tink's Avatar
    Dubbs... Whatever you decide to do, it will all work out (as you already know)... . I would just eat a nice Thanksgiving meal and move on... Nothing to dwell on. You will have a gain (most likely since you are on hcg) BUT... Your leptin levels will be replenished... Your body will be in prime fat burning mode AND you won't have any hunger or cravings. Use Thanksgiving as a tool... Enjoy it.
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Thanks for your input girls, I agree with both of u. I think just might take your advice., I didn't want to sit at eat my 3.5 oz. of dry chicken. lol. Heh Tink, everywhere I read there are people talking about leptin levels. Maybe u started something big.
  4. britt8tink's Avatar
    It's probably just the latest buzz word... lol
  5. mspanda's Avatar
    woo hoo! you are doing so well. i am doing another round in a week as well and doing a planned interruption for christmas. so that is always an option.
  6. TheJaguar76's Avatar
    Ladies! I wanted to comment that since my little binge the other day, this the first I have felt fantastic on HCG. Since, I didn't load properly its been an up hill struggle, so when I binged I thought "Okay, this is like the loading day I should have had! and Thanks giving will be loading day 2 that I should have had." In my mind, all that extra fat and yumminess is just going to help me muscle through the next 2-3 weeks of VLC and lose that extra 10 lbs that I wanted...I feel great since the binge and have more of a control than I did from the begining. Now, I am seeing what all the fuss is about!

    Sooo...take Tink's advice and "use thanksgiving as a tool"..your body will thank you for it--I swear!