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R2P2vlc15 Thinking about Large Ear Lobes!

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Well, I guess everyone is busy cooking, baking, or just hanging out with friends and family this Thanksgiving Eve. DH and I will be going to in-laws house tomorrow, and she likes to do a lot of the cooking herself, so I have just a little to do, and that will be in the a.m. My babies are miles and miles away, so I always get a little sad on these days. Fortunately we are together every Christmas.

Today was vlc day #15, on second round. Dropped 1 lb. this a.m. Very happy with that. So far on this round I've lost over 14 lbs. and that's more than I expected. Good for me.

But get this, I'm getting really discouraged by the lack of comments from friends and family I haven't seen in a while. Really! I mean, don't u have to look a little different if u've lost 34 lbs? That is not an amount of lbs to sneeze at, is it? I was so discouraged last night after seeing 2/3 people I hadn't seen in maybe 3-4 months, and they didn't say anything about my weight loss. And I mean nothing! Later last night, crying in my green tea to DH, he said (trying to encourage me I know) honey look at it this way, that's a sign you hold your weight so well, when u gain, u gain everywhere, unlike a lot of people who gain maybe in their belly, u probably gain even in your ear lobes! So, the consenus at my house, I have two 15-lb earlobes, and must have resembled Dumbo! I told him, I damn well didn't work this hard just to lose weight in my earlobes! LOL, and then cry some! Oh well, like he said, I did this for me, I know how I look and feel. Should've taken those measurements, just to reinforce to myself that pounds came from places other than general face area, but too late now.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving. I'll probably have time to blog in the a.m., have been thinking about gratitude a lot!

Only 8 more days of vlc eating, then p3, glorious p3, here I come!!!

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  1. coach's Avatar
    Congrats on the weight loss...man it must have been pretty hard getting around with those huge earlobes!! It is always nice when people notice, especially those who are close to us. No one I know has noticed me yet, at least that they have mentioned.

    Hummm...we're not excited about P3 are we? Have an awesome Thanksgiving Dubbles.
  2. pinkprincess's Avatar
    I have a theory...I think they notice. They just don't say anything for one reason or another. 1. They are jealous 2. They are self absorbed 3. They never really knew you were big to begin with. (hopefully they fall into this category but, I'm skeptical) I still have people who have not said one word to me and I dropped 38 my first round. Eh, screw em.
  3. Determined10's Avatar
    I agree with princess & coach! No matter what anyone says or "doesn't say", it is definitely their problem. People can be so self absorbed. Unfortunately, my mother is one of them! As long as u feel amazing about yourself, enjoy it! Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    I hear u all, loud and clear! Happy Turkey Day!
  5. ldygeko's Avatar
    Dubbles - I second or third or fourth what everyone has said so far - you're doing great, and they'll eventually notice - some may notice but never say anything. You look great and you're doing wonderful! Boy, bet your neck feels much better now that those bulbous things are gone from your ears, lol! Humor is the answer - keep your sense of humor, and you can overcome anything..... Happy Turkey Day1
  6. Dubbles's Avatar
    lol to u all.
  7. Maxine's Avatar
    something I read on someone elses info led me here. You are so awesome! 15 lb earlobes! ha ha good for you to laugh and cry and make the rest of us laugh and cry with you. I was in the same boat as you. Thanksgiving brought no remarks from anyone. I was even eating pie and I'm sure they were wondering what was going on.
    I gave up the mashed pot. so I could have pie, but I was in P4 at the time. I'm currently on Round 2 day P2VLCD11. The ones that are saying the most are my dear children who live far away. They saw a current pic on Facebook and my 29 year old son commented that I look 29 again! Now how's that for notice! The one that is the most important is yourself and how you feel. The looks come second to health. Health is the reason I'm here. along with the perks of youthfulness. My DH thinks is grand and that's important too. I wonder sometimes if others are curious but don't know what to say or how to ask. Just keep doing what you are doing and eventually one of them will get courageous. They will want what you have! Thanks for your example and your sense of humor!
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