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Off and Running!

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The blog title seems appropriate, after all I am here in Derby City! Well first two vlc days were not all that eventful. Perfectly on protocol, and only lost 1lb each day at weigh in. This was my vlc3 weigh-in, and yoohoo, it still works. Down 3.8 this am. So, off and running! Awesome.

Today, I stayed on protocol, and it was very difficult. At work They brought in Sub sandwiches, chips, dip, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese dressing, sweet tea (we are in the south), but I somehow managed and stayed away from it all. We were celebrating our Cardinals win of the NCAA championship! In our office we celebrate anything and everything I am not telling anyone about the protocol, or what I am using right now, maybe later--but right now I am afraid people will try to sabatoge my efforts. So my only sharing will be here on the forums, or blogs.

Good luck everyone! I think I will get off right now and fix my 3 oz of protein, and 5 strawberries, ha-before I chew my arm off, I am hungry this evening.

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