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skinny paloma drink

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Good morning, you early birds!

I worked hard yesterday to get a proper amount of food into me. I was able to get almost 1200 cals in by 5 pm. I went out for a happy hour / dinner at a new-ish restaurant with a woman’s group. I looked at the menu before I left and had my food and bev both picked out.

For a drink, I had a Skinny Paloma. That’s a lie. I had two. A real one uses grapefruit juice but there are several skinny mixes available that are 1 to 5 carbs/ sugars. I’d like to know which one they use cuz it was awesome.

Ordered a big hamburger with roasted vegetables. Ha! I had them hold the spicy aioli , but when the burger came, the cheese was so thin it was transparent, I never did find the avocado and the roasted veggies were not even warm, let alone cooked. More like room-temp crudités.

So, I did not get much to eat there! I counted the cheese as an ounce and tracked the avocado as 2 slices even tho they were invisible—had a protein drink when I got home and got 1600 cals by the skin of my teeth.

I kept most of yesterday’s loss, just up .4. So only .2 over LDW. Whew.

I’m having one slice of bacon today to see if it was what set me off. That’s also a lie. I’m having it to prove it is NOT what set me off!

Your lotions are not slowing you down any. In Dr. S’s day, lotions often had a lard base, or olive oil or other edible base. Nowadays, tho “natural” ones may have avocado or coconut oil, they’re so refined, it’s not going to your digestive system. Slather away! If you are still worried, use a petroleum jelly


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