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Update on Back to the PAST--p2 CONTINUED

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Okay, finished the PI, ended at exactly LDW from 2 weeks before. Since my Planned Interruption was 14 days, I did 2 days of loading during which I gained 5.6 lbs. Frankly did not enjoy the load days all that much. I was really surprised that I just couldn't eat like I used to and much of what I thought I was craving, like Pizza, I didn't enjoy at all The first load day, I did include sugar and starches, but found my cravings, quickly satisfied and found the sweetness almost sickening. Tho I thoroughly enjoyed the Wendy's cheeseburger I had the first loading day. Oh and I had a couple of Diet Colas on Loading Day 1. After first loading day I gained 4.8 lbs. next morning. The first loading day evening I didn't want to load for a 2nd day. However, Leez, coach and moderator, and a couple others suggested I continue to load, but to do so eating mostly fats and proteins. Less starches and sugars. So I took their advice and went ahead with 2nd load day--ate mostly Fage yogurt (with 5% fat and whipped cream cheese mixed in, bacon, sausage, one pancake with lots of butter, then 3 large hamburgers--just hamburgers no bread with them, and 3 Eskimo pie ice creams throughout the day. Far less sugar (tho some) than the day before, and no diet colas. 2nd loading day, I gained .8 of a lb. So total for both days was 5.6 lb gain. Before another round, which I will need, I'll plan better to eat/load on healthier fats, and very limited sugars or starches. And absolutely no diet colas. I honestly think they are really bad for me, and definitely cause a gain, water retention or something. They need to be banished from my diet for life!

So with 5.6 gain, on Sunday, February 28, back to vlc. Frankly first day back was difficult. I was a little hungrier than I remembered being at start of round. AND And A little more bored with the food than I remembered--especially after the wonderful foods I prepared for DH and i on Planned Interruption, which was eating P3 foods. But I struggled thru Day 1, drank a lot of water and green tea. Next morning stepped on scale and lost 4.8 lbs. Hooray! It still works! Vlc Day 2 was Monday, March 1st and felt a little better--still not completely in the game mentally. But stayed focused, ate my Grissini sticks, my 2 fruits and stayed perfectly on protocol. Weighed this morning, which is morning of vlc 3, and dropped another 1.8 lbs. Yay! So lost all of load weight, plus one extra lb. During PI I had been .2 below this weight, but tended to go back up to ldw off and on. I'm hoping this drop will be the start of going down to a new set point. Anxious to see what tomorrow's weigh in brings.

I was going to skip days and try and extend the round by a couple of extra days, but I don't think I'm going to do that. I believe, rather than Sunday the 14th being my last dose day, I'll forgo skipping and end the round on Wednesday, March 11--then be on P3 by Sunday afternoon. This could change, if my head gets a little more settled. And if losses continued significantly. Right now I'm not on board mentally. I guess this is what people meant when they said an interruption can be difficult, I think they meant mentally. Not skipping and taking my hcg until March 11 gives me a full 40 day round. As of right now I've actually lost 23 lb (I am not including the load gain lost after PI in that amount). I would love to continue until I have lost 10 lbs after PI, but that might be wishful thinking--that would require a loss of 9 more lbs in 10/11 days. Looking at it that way, very unlikely. Oh well, am going to give it my best shot anyway. So on to fish and asparagus for dinner--which I actually enjoy. Will roast enough asparagus to make soup tomorrow for lunch or dinner. Have learned so much on this round, about food choices, receipes, cooking appliances (purchase air fryer, Vitamix, immersion blender), and hunger cues, watching for those. It's been a wonderful, experience actually.

Oh, last dose day (unless something unforseen happens) will be March 11th--and it will also be notable day as DH and I are scheduled for 1st Covoid shot that day as well. Haven't heard anyone say we shouldn't get vaccine while on HCG, and we are so eager to get so we can get on a plane and travel, or travel period! Looking forward to next 11-13 days, looking forward to full P3 and P4. I will need one more round, but think I will only do a 30-32 day round at that time. Good LUck to me!

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  1. Deanna Jane's Avatar
    Good job, Doubles!!! I am so proud of you going thru PI and maintaining. Yes, you are right about the mentality of going back into P2, and keeping focused. It wasn’t really there for me either and the dosage hunger thing had me crazy. Oh, well I survived and moved to P3 and have been maintaining my weight at 189 to 190 pounds. Keep me posted on your progress, Dubbles.
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Thanks Deanna, I didn't know if anyone ever read my blog! Ha. We are both doing great. Your stabilization is going well, glad to hear that. I watch for your postings on the forums, so glad to read when you check in.
  3. Dietero's Avatar
    Thank you for motivating me right when I wanted to give up, because this menu is not easy for me, I will keep trying.
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