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And so a Week gone by.....vlc day 7

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I'm am so busy these days I may not blog everyday, but I do think it helpful. Especially when people respond to the blog--somehow my blog isn't allowing responses. Don't know what I've done, but plan to email Jarret later and see if he can advise how to change that!

Today is a beautiful sunny, Sunday--I will be busy most of the day, but want to record my first weeks loss---this is vlc #7, and I have dropped 8.6 lbs. I'm pleased with that. On what other protocol could I see those results? None. I am so surprised that I am not having too difficult a time mentally this round.. When I did hcg sometime back ( more than 2 1/2 years ago--unbelievable that it was that long ago), I struggled mentally. Really[Ua lot][/U].. Maybe working is difficult in that people are constantly bringing food, or ordering food in, but it does keep my mind off of what I can't have. Back then I literally counted down every day till I would be off protocol. Not so much this round. I have always been one to believe the difficulty of the diet is largely mental. We all eat for so many reasons other than hunger. On hcg the hunger is generally taken care of, unless you are one of the unfortunate ones having difficulty with the correct dosage. It's the socialness of eating, even the time it takes to eat a good, or snacking---all that is gone on hcg. That's what I, for one, miss. I have always used food to reward, as a companion/friend--certainly didn't always eat out of hunger. I mean, what am I supposed to do when watching t.v. with DH? We used to snack together (I guess we are fortunate we aren't bigger than we are!)

As I was writing, it just hit me why it has probably been easier this round--DH doesn't want to do hcg, but he is trying to lose about 10-15 lbs. so isn't snacking either! Omg, that is definitely why. He'll text me at work, ask how I'm doing, and we'll text back about the food issues, struggles. Now I know, it really does help to have someone else in the house, or someone else on forums or blogs to go on the journey with you.

I want to record/share, too that I am doing the hcg patches this round. Actually started with the pellets, but read of patches, and ordered them last Sunday. They got here on Wednesday, so I put one on Thursday morning, and I love them! Absolutely no hunger, and don't have to bother with pellets, or remembering not to eat or drink for so much time after the pellets. I generally didn't manage to do that well anyway. I was worried, what if it isn't enough hcg to keep hunger away--but it has worked perfectly. I figured I could do a few pellets in between if needed, but haven't needed to do that. Am really excited about them.

Have a lot to do today, have to visit my mom, go to grocery, work in yard.....so I really should get off. I will try getting hold of Jarret to see what I have clicked on that I shouldn't have, that isn't allowing for responses. Hope everyone has a great day, and good losses!

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  1. tnsweetness's Avatar
    Looks like you are well on your way!

    DF and I used to snack together too. Even Abby would get a little sweet potato with chicken! He also is trying to lose a bit because he is now back in the drivers seat of the race car. So, he still snacks a bit, but has sunflower seeds or fruit. Abby gets her sweet potato...and I drink green tea! Lol

    I am glad you got your blog fixed! I agree that everyone's comments help.

    Hope you have a great week ahead!