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WilsonBlack's Phase 3 thread/Pellet grills

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My smoker is a Rec Tec 590. It is very well made and has great support/service. You can only buy online but worth it. There are better out there and there are worse. I only use it for slow, low temp cooks. It isn’t a high heat cooker. I have a Primo Kamado I use for high heat cooks. I have cooked on just about any kind of cooker imaginable and this setup is perfect for me and my lifestyle. I rarely have the time to hang around and tend a fire even though it is an enjoyable way to spend a lazy day.

The real question is what you plan to cook and what your budget is. If you are doing mostly grilling with an occasional rack of ribs or small brisket, my recommdation would be a Weber kettle 26” with a slow n sear kit added. Under $500 and is a great cooker. Beyond that, sky is the limit.

Rec Tec makes a 340 pellet cooker. It can hold a single brisket as long as it isn’t a monster 20lb er. Or a couple racks of ribs. I believe it comes to a higher temp quicker than mine. It can be had around $650 or so. All of the Rec Teqs come with WiFi so you can monitor the temp with your phone and even start the grill remotely. I will start it from the grocery store to give it time to get up to temp

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