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Day 1 of loading February 9th

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Ok I'm all excited about starting this diet. I have been watching all the posts while waiting on my hgc to get here. I bought mine from reliable rx which it took 2 weeks plus to get here. So I went out friday night and was too tired to mix my hcg then so I figured I would mix it in the morning then take my first dose.

Well let me tell you.......mixing wasn't easy because I couldn't get all of the hcg out with the syringe. I left about a drop in the vial. I am doing sublingual drops of Ovidac 5000iu. Ok now for giving myself the dose. I thought that holding the mixture under my tongue for 15 minutes was going to be hard and yes it was hard. I hated the feeling of holding it under my tongue.....felt like I had to swallow....it just felt odd.

Enough of that.....I didn't even feel like loading. Had a couple of slices of pizza and I baked some chewies and I had a few of them and i made some honey mustard wings which I had that as well. Went next door to my neighbors oyster roast. Had a great time there until it was about 11pm and I hadn't taken my second dosage yet. Ugh......well I took it at about 12 and mine is mixed with B-12.How about I woke up at 4:20 and couldn't go back to sleep but for only minutes at a time until time to wake up. I hated it because I don't usually have any trouble with sleeping. I sure hope I won't be too sleeepy tommorow.

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  1. Rabo's Avatar
    Welcome and best of luck!

    What are your goals?
  2. pookster's Avatar
    I have not used my B12 drops as of yet...and have had no problems with sleep. B6 and B12 seem to aggravate my anxiety disorder so I avoid them. If your going to use take it earlier in day and see if helps! And eat eat eat.. you will feel disgustingly full but do it!! Eat stuff high in fat content...