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Almost Mad...

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So today I had to eat a little earlier (around 11) and so I was going to brink a snack, and then was hoping to eat dinner around 5 and then have a second snack... But my dumb self forgot my snack, so I was hungry and had a headache today. When I got home (around 6), I went to the fridge to pull out my premade food and sitting on top of my not-so-delish-spinach and chicken soup was OLIVE GARDEN LEFTOVERS.

I was almost mad...but then God spoke to me... I am the one on this diet, not my family...and I am choosing to do it...no one is forcing me. While I wish my family would be more supportive, I realized tonight that I can resist food, and make the choice to not eat the "good stuff."

I felt so empowered and so encouraged that I CAN do this diet and I AM going to be successful.

I also calculated that if I lose the average .75lbs per day, I will be at 167lbs by July 4th 2012.... so I am ready to stay the course for the longhaul and not be tempted by Olive Garden or anything else the world throws at me...

Day 2 is down...now on to Day 3!

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    Wondering... how long of a Round are you planning on doing? Or how many Rounds?
  2. Faithful's Avatar
    What method of HCG are you doing? Drops, injections....?
  3. Tate's Avatar
    Wonderful perspective! I totally know what you mean, though. It's not always easy, but when you think about it as a "choice" versus a "punishment" it really changes things. I came across a blog this week that I think you might like. It talks a lot about this topic and the emotional issues that crop up during P2. Here it is if you are interested: http://weightlossapocalypse.blogspot...r-sissies.html. Good luck!
  4. Ecclesiastes3v11's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Faithful
    What method of HCG are you doing? Drops, injections....?
    I'm doing injections. My doctor also said that I can do it until I reach a "healthy weight" (between 130-150lbs). My goal is 142... weird number, I know, but it's just always been the number I've had in mind...