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Mildly Rough 1st Day on VLCD...But Not Discouraged

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Today was a little rough. I followed the protocol well. I've been really nauseous most of the day (I get nauseous when my body requires food, lol). I've been drinking water to help with it...but the water seems to be encouraging that feeling all the more. Tea slows it a little. I do have an on-the-edge-of-a-splitting-headache sort of headache, but I half-expected that as lots of others on here said they got that from the lack of carbs. Could also be the decrease in caffeine today. I'm feeling REALLY tired today. Not sluggish or heavy, just exhausted. It sounds downright awful and terrible, but it was all fairly tolerable. I'm not discouraged. I just hope the rest of P2 doesn't feel like this!

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Updated August 15th, 2012 at 07:00 PM by Eftimia



  1. Jbcsa's Avatar
    @eftimia. Today was vlcd day three for me and the dull headache is gone. Probably sugar and carb withdrawal. My grandsons birthday is this weekend and we normally eat drink and be merry when we are all together at the coast so I will have to take extra doses of willpower with me.
  2. Emilybaker1218's Avatar
    I bought diuretics with caffiene and taking B12... It helps.
  3. woohoo's Avatar
    Hey! I usually get nauseous every round I found just sticking with simple bland food helped me. Not very exciting but it kept the nausea at bay. Mostly salt and pepper. It lasted about a week for me. When I felt really crappy I would have one of my fruits or a pot of peppermint tea. Good luck and stick with will do great!
  4. Eftimia's Avatar
    Thank you, everyone! I'll be taking each of your suggestions and encouragements to heart.
    This morning I woke up with a mild version of last night's headache. Makes me want to nap, lol, but am still able to focus. So long as the kids don't scream, anyway! The scale says I lost 4 lbs. since yesterday morning. My scale is sometimes inaccurate by a pound or so, so I'm leery to believe it...but am taking it anyway!
  5. ZFamilyOf3's Avatar
    Yay! Awesome that you lost 4 lbs. I am on my first week of round one (I did it once before last year and lost 32 lbs) so I'm hoping a year later I'll have the same results. But ending this week one I have lost 11lbs but I had headaches too last time and this time they added b12 in my injections and I havent had any headaches. I normally am used to having 2 cokes a day and coffee but i will drink a little bit every couple days (like a half a cup) and have had no gain from it and no headaches so maybe that will help.
  6. Eftimia's Avatar
    The headache is my biggest problem. I'd use headaches in the plural...but it's been the same one non-stop since yesterday. I still have it. There are moments where it lessens, and then kicks back in gear again. I am trying to find a pattern...foods, caffeine, time of medicine taken, et cetera, but have yet to figure it out. The HCG I have has B-Complex with it. I'm not huge on caffeine normally, so I can't imagine it's lack of caffeine...but I suppose it could be (though they usually last for a few hours, not two days). Either way...hopefully it'll get figured out. Good luck on your second round on the program, and thanks for replying to me! =)
  7. Lemurnyc's Avatar
    You r doing great! Have you ever taken raw gingerroot boiled in water? It helps with naseau alot. I always keep it in my freezer (easier to slice) plus it lasts forever. Also helps raise metabolism.