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P3 Notes For Self

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Helpful Links ;;
Glycemic Index
P3 Forum
Grammy's Protocol

Steak Days ;;
Drink only water/tea all day. Eat RibEye Steak (16oz+) sautéed in butter for dinner with an apple (or tomato) about an hour later.

Food Sensitivities ;;
"You can usually tell if you're sensitive because your weight jumps for no good reason every time you eat it. I'd try Greek yogurt first of the dairy items, then try a hard cheese and a soft cheese in a separate test. And try nuts separately. Avocado or bacon are usually fine. Most people don't regain but we all feared it on our first round! A gain of at least a pound after eating an item or 2 pounds over 3 days would tell you there might be a problem with that food item. Sour cream can be problematic so test that separately. Fruit is on protocol for P3. It just says to "watch" very sweet fruit. Some can eat whatever fruit they want and some have to stick to lower glycemic fruit because everyone is different. I don't recommend skipping it because I see way more problems when people go too low in carbs for too long."
- Grammy

Loose Skin ;;
Grammy's Advice - Try collagen & MCT Oil; eat healthy fats (coconut & olive oil, avocado, eggs)

Other Tips ;;
  • Read EVERY ingredient label and be sure to find foods with NO added sugars and no carbs (aside from natural ones in veggies/fruits/etc).
  • Be sure to check total fat, carbs, and calories - but don't be a counter, you'll burn out!

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