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  1. P2 Calories

    Thanks Feisty and Beth! I am keeping list here for safe keeping!

    Right list LOL
    FRUITS (don't mix)
    Apple: medium = 95
    Grapefruit: ½ = 44
    Orange: large = 86
    Strawberries: 10 medium: = 40

    Melba Toast: 1 = 20
    Melba Snack: 2 = 24
    Grissini Breadstick: 1 = 20

    MEAT: 100 grams - 3 ½ ounces; all visible fat removed; weighed raw; cook with no oil or fat:
    Chicken Breast: = 110
    Ground ...
  2. P3 Strawberry Dressing

    Iluvgreys posted this and I want to remember it for tomorrow:

    Strawberry salad dressing

    1/2 c. of olive oil (you can use less if trying to limit fat)
    1/2 c. of apple cider vinegar
    8 strawberries (large)
    Berry Stevia (or whatever flavor) to taste
    sprinkle of Cayenne pepper (optional but gives it a bite)
    Some sea salt to taste

    I put it all in a blender and liquify. Hope you like it!

    Next time I am going ...
  3. P3 guidelines

    This was originally posted by someone else (beth?). I am posting it here so that I can reference it while I plan for p3.

    P3 Basics:

    Find out your calorie limit.
    • Women take 11 times your current weight
    • Men take 12 times your current weight

    For example a women who weights 150 lbs, multiplied times 11 is 1650 calories a day.

    Week 1:
    Don’t over do it. NO sugar or starch and low carb. EASE into this gradually. Anytime ...
  4. Planned Interruption

    Today is day 1 of my planned interruption. I have an event today that I could not get around, and because it might tie in to a possible job (fingers crossed) I have decided to play it safe in all directions and do an interruption. I stopped taking my hhcg over 48 hours ago and today I will practice phase 3 eating, as best as I can. I will be at a catered event all day, and I just don't trust that even plain chicken will be close to protocol. I have 26 days of vlcd and 26 on hhcg (2 loading), ...