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P3 guidelines

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This was originally posted by someone else (beth?). I am posting it here so that I can reference it while I plan for p3.

P3 Basics:

Find out your calorie limit.
• Women take 11 times your current weight
• Men take 12 times your current weight

For example a women who weights 150 lbs, multiplied times 11 is 1650 calories a day.

Week 1:
Don’t over do it. NO sugar or starch and low carb. EASE into this gradually. Anytime the scale goes over 2 lbs above ldw = steak day. Nothing but water, coffee, tea all day and for dinner have a very large steak (or other type of beef) and either 1 apple or 1 tomato. Too little protein will cause a gain in p3.

• Continue to drink lots of water.
• Increase your protein to about 6-8 oz per meal.
• Add ONE NEW food type per day or every other day
• Stop eating the melba toasts
• Most decrease the amount of fruit
• Add in more types of protein – salmon, trout, turkey (pork not til p4)
• Add in butter, olive oil, cooking spray, sugar free mayo
• Add breakfast – lots add eggs as their first new item and start having eggs for breakfast. Make a 2 egg omelet in butter and add salsa
• Mix veggies
• Add a type or two (one at a time) of cheeses. Most start with hard or semi soft cheese as cream cheese seems to be an issue with many.
• Use salad dressings – still no sugar or starch allowed so watch labels – many make homemade dressings.
• Gradually increase to 800 to 1000 calories per day
• Add flax meal bread (homemade)
• Add other dairy (sour cream, fage yogurt, etc)

Week 2:
• Increase your calories this week to about 1200-1500 per day
• Try other types of cheese & dairy
• Add nuts – walnuts, almonds, pistachios (no peanuts, preferably no cashews til p4)
• Add in other low carb foods
• Add more types of veggies
• Add in a protein shake
• Add in a snack
• Try a mug cake or cocoa crack! (some add this wk 1)
• Use 3 eggs for your omelet, or a 2 egg omelet with cheese, full fat sour cream and salsa

Week 3 + on p3:
• Work your way up to your total calorie limit
• You will be eating 3 meals, am snack, afternoon snack, possibly a pm snack

P4 Basics:
You can slowly add back in sugars and starches. Add them slowly and one at a time so you can identify what causes a gain.
• Add back in the one carb food you missed the most
• The next day, stop that one and try another
• Do not eat 2 carb foods in the same day the first week of p4
• Only eat 1 carb food per meal
• The second week of p4, combine 2 types of carbs in the same day but not the same meal.
• Most lower the amount of fat in p4
• Don’t combine high carb/high fat in the same meal (no butter and sour cream on that baked potato, no alfredo on your pasta)
• Add breads, pastas
• Avoid overeating and stay w/in your calorie limit

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  1. justjoan060's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this! I will use it next time I do P3. I can't imagine being able to eat 1650 cal a day, but we'll see!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    OMG, the one thing I differ with, and I think Colleen (Grammy) differed with is--I definitely hope to settle in to MORE than 1650 calories a day. But with the right foods, more protein and fats, very little refined sugars or starches.
  3. justjoan060's Avatar
    The more calories the better! I hope that happens, but I'm so used to eating less before hcg and not losing weight, I think my mind says I can't eat that much! I'm still on the fence about too many fats because I already have some heart disease. Are the wraps (wheat) they use like at Pita Pit very refined do you think?
  4. StarGazer86's Avatar
    Oh... I like how you think! I'm going to have to copy this for myself also for reference! Thank you!
  5. Loul29's Avatar
    This list is amazing and so helpful! A big thanks!!!