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Planned Interruption

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Today is day 1 of my planned interruption. I have an event today that I could not get around, and because it might tie in to a possible job (fingers crossed) I have decided to play it safe in all directions and do an interruption. I stopped taking my hhcg over 48 hours ago and today I will practice phase 3 eating, as best as I can. I will be at a catered event all day, and I just don't trust that even plain chicken will be close to protocol. I have 26 days of vlcd and 26 on hhcg (2 loading), but I am not at my goal for p2. So, on Sunday I will be back on the drops! It was both a work necessity and a mental necessity at this point. It sure is hard when the losses slow down.
I am thrilled though, I am fitting into clothes that I bought last year that had become too tight. And when I bought them, they were my fat clothes. Now they look even better than when I bought them! It is motivating!

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  1. Jamit30's Avatar
    Sp, if you know you have a planned interruption you stop taking your drops and eat as you are in P3? Then go back on drops like you are in P2 again or just keep going on P3?
  2. Feisty's Avatar
    Ok so the plan is on place. Good for you! you have a very good chance of being successful at this interruption.

    Jamit, have the planned interruption info on a blog. can't remember the title but its something about not personal just good info. Might find something else in there you find interesting too