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  1. Yesterday took my IGG Antibody Test

    I purchased product that is New on the Market it came from England.
    It tests for IGG Antibodies food sensitivities.

    I tested positive for quite a few things.
    This explains to me why I have had such a hard time stabilizing in p3.

    Main strong allergies, to Wheat, Rye, Rice, Corn, Potato, almonds, brazil,
    Cow's milk, eggs, pork, tuna, Melons Peanuts, Legumes and Yeast.

    I can tell you that I haven't been feeling well in a very, very ...
  2. Hello

    I am back on protocol and had a dosing problem. For two days I would eat, get hungry, eat again, get hungry.. It wasn't eat your arm off your body type of hungry, just very empty stomach feeling.
    I first skipped a dose, yikers, went to work, felt aweful, thought it was immunity.
    Then realized I must have added too much sodium chloride to my mix, the bottle did seem really full this time. I upped my dose (sort of a lot.) from .5 on the needle to .75.
    It worked. At least so far ...
  3. Okay Weighed in Today!

    Weighed in at 237.2. Yikes!!
    ha ha.

    I hope my home scale is close to the work scale!
    Everyone seems excited, they are all going their own way doing their own thing.
    It's really cool!
    Work has been stressful so it is nice to have something good to look forward to.
    All is well, I am missing food! This is not easy at all!
  4. Tommorow is my weigh in at work!!

    I have to tell ya'll. I got really fat! ha ha
    Okay when you have sensitivities and eat food that your not supposed to, it goes right into the stomach! I have this big stomach! I really don't care all that much because I know in a few weeks it will be gone!
    I think I am 236 pounds!
    My allergy test kit should show up tomorrow and I can take it.

    Regarding the Biggest Loser, I think it's great because everyone is doing something different, one girl does very well ...
  5. Okay it's time again~~~~ Starting P2!~~

    I had a false start a few weeks ago, thinking I would go back after a 3 week break.
    Stress was just too high and dropped the idea after a couple of days.
    so the total for this rest period is 7 weeks. plus.++

    I am loading Saturday and Sunday this week.
    I weigh in at work for the contest it will be for 12 weeks, we'll see how that goes, the contest is more of a motivator, a group effort to help get pounds off, we're all a bunch of friends it will help to have ...
  6. Allergy Sensitiviy~~

    No wonder I have had such a long, hard journey with weight issues.
    I haven't done my test yet, but starting eating the foods that are on my list of foods that I will be testing. I did it, it was already too late, I had the gluten, I had a handful of bread crumbs two times, it was all mixed sort of breads, I am lucky to have a great source to get this. Right away, yikes!!! Started feeling achy, brain fog, tight rubbery feeling all over body, tightness, pain esp. in arthritic points, neck pain, ...
  7. I am going to change my subject to a New Post for the New Year!

    I am going to be doing allergy (sensitivity) testing very soon.
    In order to do this test, an IGG antibody, I have to eat the foods on this list.
    It was too late, I took a bunch of different kinds of bread crumbs, which contained Many different types of breads and ate a handful. I have had gluten out of my system for so long, I could tell a difference immediately. Bloated, headache, weak, stiff, achy and Immense weight gain, 10 pounds, this was in just a small amount of time, 18 hours ...
  8. My Whisky Dog died Saturday

    You can see him in this picture he is on the side next to me and Jake.
    It is funny how the mind goes into denial mode. He had a tumor, blood coming from his nose, over and over again and I kept thinking that he would get better. The vet said he didn't seem to be in pain and that every dog is different. He did excellent for one week. The day my 17 came back from California, from visiting his Grandma, Whisky started again.
    I decided Saturday was the day I would have to put him to sleep. ...
  9. work was crazy today

    Day after Christmas and thinking it would be slow, who would think that there were so many birthdays on December 26th.
    Looking forward to a new year!
    Dog is doing much better, kids are happy!
    Exhausted after the holidays. Burnt out!

    Back to p3 eating, not much I can eat without gaining but protein, vegetables, fruit,
    coconut oil, macadamia nuts, avacodos. That's about it.

    Makes eating a little boring. Haven't had gluten in a very long time, ...
  10. Riding out the rest of my 7 week break.

    Will finish off the rest of my break and then start back on sublingual and take it from there.
    Will attempt a steak day tomorrow if needed.

    Want to stay at 230, when I begin in January.

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