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I am back on protocol and had a dosing problem. For two days I would eat, get hungry, eat again, get hungry.. It wasn't eat your arm off your body type of hungry, just very empty stomach feeling.
I first skipped a dose, yikers, went to work, felt aweful, thought it was immunity.
Then realized I must have added too much sodium chloride to my mix, the bottle did seem really full this time. I upped my dose (sort of a lot.) from .5 on the needle to .75.
It worked. At least so far so good.

Next time I mix I will be very careful and count each time I add to the vial.
Oh and I had some frozen hcg, I also had some fresh, I had DH go to dollar store and get some pregnancy tests. I tested the fresh stuff and the line showed potent.
I checked that stuff that was frozen, it was also potent just a very tiny bit different in color than the fresh stuff. My hcg was in the freezer for 3 weeks total. I didn't ever use the batch because I was worried about it and only used fresh stuff the whole time.
Today was the first day that I have been ok.
For two days I pigged out on protocol foods! That's the only way that I don't gain any weight but will stay the same.
Tomorrow is a new day!!!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Well, if u pigged out on protocol foods, that I wouldn't sweat it! Good for u. Glad u have your dosing issues in order now. Hope the office competition is going well.
  2. Feisty's Avatar
    Ellie you are sooooooooo good!!! YAY for sticking to Protocol foods! I bow to you!