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Yesterday took my IGG Antibody Test

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I purchased product that is New on the Market it came from England.
It tests for IGG Antibodies food sensitivities.

I tested positive for quite a few things.
This explains to me why I have had such a hard time stabilizing in p3.

Main strong allergies, to Wheat, Rye, Rice, Corn, Potato, almonds, brazil,
Cow's milk, eggs, pork, tuna, Melons Peanuts, Legumes and Yeast.

I can tell you that I haven't been feeling well in a very, very long time. ha ha ha.
I had no idea until I did this protocol that I had all these problems. If you see my driver's license picture you can tell that I have inflammation. When I would go to the doctor they would say I had fire coming off of my back, swelling and such, I just never figured it out.

I can eat, beef, strawberries, apples, cucumber, cabbage, zucchini,(off protocol) broccoili, (off protocol) cauliflower, (off protocol) white fish, oh cocoa, (thank goodness) tea, Oats...

So now when I go to p3 next time, I will approach it very differently!

This is definately a new start.

The test is called the Food Detective. For me it was way worth the 82.00 it cost to have it shipped from Europe. It was very difficult to get the blood out into the tiny vial without it dripping out the other end. That was a huge pain. The directions have to be followed carefully there are quite a few steps involved.


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  1. Beth_M's Avatar
    definitely worth the $82 dollars to answer a lot of questions and give you a starting point for future rounds.

    It's got to be a huge relief but a bit frightening at the same time. You are such a strong person for being proactive in this.
  2. damselflydiva's Avatar
    thanks for the info - I know naturopaths do the blood testing for allergies here - I have never heard of doing it yourself. Great information for you I am sure. I haven't done the blood test but I have done an allergy test with a naturopath called "vega testing" - I was allergic to everything I loved - lol! Guess if you eat enough of one thing your body says - enough! :-)