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I posted in medical questions but I'm not getting a response. My daughter has had low blood sugar all of her life and is having a hard time in the mornings not eating. She can't go until noon with no food so she has had to have an egg first thing and another low carb protein snack mid morning. It's a little less of a problem from noon on. Needless to say, it is slowing down weight loss although she has had a loss daily so far. She's R1, P2, day 5. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Jarret's Avatar
    You'll probably get less of an answer here as the blogs aren't trafficked as much. ILuvKats is usually around late at night/early in the mornings. It being a holiday she may be a bit busier than normal but she usually answers all questions within the medical post thread
  2. Ellyn's Avatar
    Thank you!
  3. AbsAgain's Avatar
    I'm mildly hypoglycemic but was able to make it through the morning on HCG. Do you have high quality, prescription HCG, so she's not starving herself? My blood sugar was so steady thanks to the HCG I was able to go 48 days without feeling hungry more than once and only a few times did I feel faint--usually when I wasn't drinking enough water. After HCG, I didn't have the extreme cravings that I used to have for 6 months! It wasn't until after Thanksgiving and Christmas indulging that I started having my cravings again.

    If your daughter's extremely hypoglycemic, I'd be under the care of a doctor while doing this diet. I'm so grateful for my family doctor's help because he helped me overcome my fears and mistakes of the course of the protocol.

    I think this is an amazing diet, when done right. Good luck.
  4. Ellyn's Avatar
    Thanks, AbsAgain! I'm doing this along with my 3 daughters. My oldest daughter had such a great experience in R1 last summer, we all decided to do this together this time. Our drops are homeopathic Anumed. All of us are so addicted to sugar and we saw how the oldest totally cut her cravings and maintained her weight, we knew we needed to do this. We all started with the 5 recommended drops. I'm at 4 now but the hypoglycemic daughter is down to 3 and not having hunger issues but has gone through horrible carb withdrawal. Mornings are the worse but from lunch on she does ok. She also has mild anxiety issues so we wonder if her low blood sugar is also mixed with the anxiety of eating so much less. This week is a huge learning curve for her learning to what her body is really telling her!
  5. AbsAgain's Avatar
    Aren't you all blessed to be going through this together! I wish I had a friend (outside this forum) to do this with. I wish you all GREAT success, and would be interested in hearing if your daughter's hypoglycemia changes or how she does. I have definitely heard of people eating breakfast if their blood sugar dropped too low in the morning.

    I just love how "in the Zone" I feel while on HCG--not craving simple carbs and focused, which wasn't the case before HCG. I don't know anything about homeopathic, but some of them seem to work for some people. Hope you are all starting to feel better now that you're onto Day 6. I'm always nauseous my first 5 days, but then my body gets used to the HCG and I feel good. I'm on Day 9, but VLCD7. I've lost 6 lbs. from my pre-load weight, 11 lbs. from my load weight. Numbers like that are unheard of outside of HCG! It's the best diet I've ever been on.
  6. Ellyn's Avatar
    Abs, I so agree! I lost many pounds on Paleo but I was getting impatient and decided to try HCG. It really is the best once you get into the swing of things. I felt "off" for a few but not hungry and not craving. It was wonderful to not always thinking about food!

    Oldest daughter, is coaching the middle daughter and continues to help her tweak her eating. We think she is waiting too long and then feels awful and finds it hard to cope. Youngest daughter dropped to 3 drops and feels much better. Day 6 and I'm down 10.8 so I'm happy but know I could stall along the way and maybe even go up a tad.

    I had to scale down my treadmill workout that I've been doing for awhile because I didn't feel very good after. I'm ok with that; whatever I need to do. I'm glad you're doing so well and it sounds like you are well on your way to making your goal!