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So ready to give up. craving - help?! advice?? (I wrote in reply)

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Hi there! I just re-blogged this cause I pasted a good link to an article about the dangers of some artificial sweeteners at the bottom of the post.

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Thank you for the advice. (:
I didn't really cheat.
I had 3 small strawberries & half a can of diet rite. (I know I shouldn't have done that but I was very close to devouring a chocolate bunny)
I still lost 1.4 lbs
Do any of you drink calorie and sugar free soda such as diet rite?
Also- I have seen on some sites that people make a kind of chocolate that is P2 friendly.
Cocoa, diet soda, truvia, something like that.
I am just wondering if I make these treats - are they going to affect me?
After the diet - I am going to try to go sugar free after the diet - for the most part.
Doing this diet has made me learn better ways to cook.
Lemonade is helping with some of the cravings

I TOTALLY support the plan to go sugar-free after HCG, but PLEASE! read this article first... Its why I reccomend staying away from anything other than XYLITOL and pure stevia.

PLEASE, if you're a splenda/aspartame/etc. user take a moment to read the article:


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  1. hopdog's Avatar
    I drink diet coke all day and do fine with losing. I also drink sugar free juice. I would never survive on this diet without my diet coke. If I have bad chocolate craving I will have tsp of choc syrup and give up a fruit. Hope this helps.
  2. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    Try a diet drink like zevia or sugar free blue sky cola's..they use all natural sweeteners that are not harmful like what is in diet coke.I was a diet coke fiend for a long time and at the ge of 30 I was wondering why I felt like I was 80. My joint feel so much better not and I don't swell up from water retention like I used to when drinking diet drinks.... I love the blue sky diet drinks, they use stevia and erythritol, both natural sweeteners that won't effect the diet or your health!
  3. elusha's Avatar
    Mofrodabetta-- (i like the moniker totally agree with you! A friend once told me that she had never seen a person who looked really skinny or healthy who was carrying a 24 case of diet coke in the check-out line. I love the ZEVIA drinks, they are all so good! I only have one a day on HCG but otherwise I have some whenever I am craving something sweet.
  4. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    Thanks Elusha, I try to spread the good word about natural sugar free calorie free drinks..there are other options other than the regular diet drinks..People deserve to know what they are putting into their bodies that big companies tell them is better for them but in actuality it is worse then the drinks with sugar. Safe options and natural options are the best options that you won't pay for later in life