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  1. Phase 2, Day 24 of VLCD

    Day 24 - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 152.8lbs


    I'm so tired of this. This round has been a complete failure. I'm done with phase 2 for now. I didn't take my drops this morning so I'm going to wait the 48 hours before moving on to phase 3. The fact that I only lost like...nine pounds this round really posses me off. I don't know why this round was so different. Hopefully the next phase will be easier/more productive...
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  2. Two Things...

    First and Foremost: question - has anybody seen the Nestle Sugar-free, nondairy coffee creamer in the refrigerated section of the grocery store? Would this be something that would be okay to use during phase 2? I know it would be rogue-esque...but I don't know if it's like sugar-free hard candy...try it and see? Or if it's like...hell no..don't do it...?

    Also, FINALLY someone has said something about the weight I've lost. I haven't seen this girl in about two months and the first ...
  3. Phase 2, Day 21 of VLCD

    Day 21 - Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 152.2lbs


    I don't know. I guess a loss is a loss but come on...this stall needs to BREAK. I am attributing the stall to Tom's arrival. Even though I've been spotting for the past week or so. Which is annoying. I REALLY hope to break the 140s soon. I'm running low on my drops and want to be in the 140s by the end of this round. COME ON BODY WORK WITH ME!

    I feel like I've said that a lot this round. *sigh* it has ...
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  4. Phase 2, Day 22 of VLCD

    Day 22 - August 1, 2011 - 152.4lbs


    Okay seriously? I'm ready to see the scale go back the OTHER WAY! I'm not sure what to attribute these gains to. I guess it could be the fact that Tom should make his appearance any day now? Not sure....last week was pretty annoying cravings-wise. I was REALLY hungry and could've eaten a LOT more than I did. I REALLY want to get into the 140s before I start phase 3.....COME ON BODY...work with me here!

    Today ...
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