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Phase 2, Day 15 of VLCD

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Day 15 - Monday, July 25, 2011 - 153.4lbs


Well...that's a loss...for sure. Goodness. I'm not sure what I did differently. Actually, I didn't do anything differently yesterday. So I'm not really sure what the big deal was the past three days of gains. Now at least I'm closer to where I was before. I was so excited about getting down to 153.0. At least I'm closer to that now. Hopefully I'll keep going down instead of going back up!

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Unsweetened tea (sweetened with splenda)
Lunch: 100g grilled chicken over lettuce with cucumbers; 1 melba cracker
Dinner: 6oz of 0% Fage with 1tbls Strawberry "Just Fruit"
Snack: 1 apple

Let's hope for more losses!

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  1. scientistmac's Avatar
    YAY Finally!!! Congrats on the big loss and turnaround! I'll spare you the details, you can read my blog if you'd like. But my BP is very low, passed out last night. So I'm going to be eating more calories until I can stop hcg (unless it happens again then i am off for good, early or not!). So fingers crossed I won't gain eating more.
  2. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    Oh no! Yeah, I just finished reading your blog...have you decided what you're going to do?