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Phase 2, Day 19 of VLCD

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Day 19 - Friday, July 29, 2011 - 151.2lbs


Yesterday was awful. Will and I got in a huge fight, I had to work late (until 8:00pm), I had hunger, cravings, and it's the week before TOM. Last night I was up all night long with stomach problems. Not really sure why but I didn't sleep at all. I'm exhausted today and have to work all day long. Not looking forward to that. Plus, Will and I, who NEVER fight, by the way, got in another fight this morning. Great. What a wonderful way to start of the day.

Anyways...I guess it's good that I'm down 0.6lbs especially since I had a few Doritos at the office party last night. I really don't know how I didn't lose more weight though since I was sick all night long. I hope today is easier. I know it's the week before Tom so I should have really bad cravings as usual...but I hate it. I think I did decide to extend my round, as much as I don't want to. I want to at least get down to the 140s. That way I only have to do one last round to reach my goal weight.

I still feel pretty nauseous this morning so I think I'm going to do a Fage day...I'm not sure my stomach could handle "real" food....

I'm definitely not in a good mood today...and that sucks because I'm normally a pretty happy camper. Oh well...

Today's menu:

Breakfast: unsweetened tea (sweetened with splenda)
Lunch: 6oz 0% Fage, 1tbsp strawberry "just fruit"
Snack: 6oz 0% Fage, 1 tbsp strawberry "just fruit"
Dinner: 7oz 2% Fage with a melba toast

Good luck today!

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