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Phase 2, Day 19 of VLCD (Day 21)

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Day 21 - Friday, May 6, 2011 - 157.8lbs

Not even a pound lost this WEEK??? What the hell?? I can do that without even trying. AND while eating the foods that I actually enjoy. This is definitely not the kind of weight loss that I'm looking for. I somehow miscounted the days/skipped a day blogging but it has been 21 days and I have gone from around 170lbs to 157lbs. Yes, that is a good loss in three weeks. But the fact that I haven't lost a single POUND this week really pisses me off. I have followed protocol for all but one day this week...and when I was "bad" I wasn't really that bad! Heck, had I known that I wasn't going to lose any weight this week before Tom arrived, I would've been MUCH worse...(I know, I know and in a much worse place weight-wise). But come on, you know what I'm talking about! I know that some of you out there have preparation weeks for Tom coming like I do! They're complete and total hell! The only thing that gets us through the week without killing everyone in sight, and everyone that does something completely and totally stupid is the chocolate...and the fries...and the Reese's Easter eggs! You know this! And to not even see ONE. SINGLE. POUND. lost....is annoying.

Okay, I'm done with my rant. Sorry for any feelings that I've hurt. As you can tell...Tom should be here on Monday.

In all honesty, what could be keeping me from losing weight? Is it because Tom is almost here? I thought you were only supposed to stall or slow down the week of....this was supposed to be my last week on phase 2 but after this week of losing (or lack thereof, I should say) I want to do another week or two on phase two before starting phase 3. Any suggestions? Any opinions on why this is true/happening like this? ANYTHING would be nice....at this point, not a lot is stopping me from going out to get Chinese food right now...


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Updated May 9th, 2011 at 07:48 PM by EmilyLayla

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  1. lawgal's Avatar
    Could be water retention from expecting TOM. Also, it can happen with this diet... your body's way of saying it needs to catch up to the weight you just lost and readjust a few things. Try doing a day where you eat just your protein (leave out the veggies, fruit, and grissini if you eat it) and lots of water, coffee, tea, etc.
  2. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    Yeah? I have a huge bubba. It holds a liter of liquid and I always have at least 2 - usually 3 each day of water. Plus any coffee I have in the morning.
  3. abbey's Avatar
    My week 3 I only lost 1lb... and my TOM week was week 2 so I didn't even have that to blame it on. This week however, things have picked up pace dramatically (5lbs-ish)! So hang in there.. don't kill anyone.. maybe have a diet soda or something sweet tasting or a bit of gum or something that's a little naughty but zero cal and HANG IN THERE!

    Say no to Chinese!
  4. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    Haha! I WILL say "no" to Chinese! Thank you for that laugh!
  5. JoNichelle's Avatar
    Fort sweet tooth days (specially around TOM) I use the whipped peanut spread and chocolate dip made by walden farms.
    They are zero cal, fat free, suger free, carb free...heck the only thing they have is sodium. And while they dont compare to anything reeses they are not horrid.
    I eat the PB with apples, and the chocolate dip with strawberries. Actually the chocolate is pretty good, the PB is weird at first.
    And they use splenda.

    You are doing awesome so far, don't let that B-tard Tom screw you up.
  6. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    Thanks JoNichelle! Where did you find the peanut spread and chocolate dip? Do they sell Walden Farms products at local grocery stores or will I have to order it online?

    Thanks for the encouragement! It's so much easier to stay on protocol when the scale is moving, you know?