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Phase 2, Day 21 of VLCD

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Day 20 - Sunday, July 31, 2011 - 152.2lbs


I will attribute this to my cheat of a huge cupcake a couple of days ago. I'm surprised it's only been a 1.2lb gain from the cupcake so far. Plus, it's the week before Tom so I'm surprised I've been even the slightest bit productive at all this week. Hopefully the next several days I'll be able to get down to the 140s. I'd love to see that number before continuing on to phase 3. I know I'll have to do another round. I don't know why but this round was just not as productive as the last round. *shrugs* Oh well!

I do have a question though - I have been getting ready for phase 3 and have been looking at the grocery store for things I can eat next phase. Have you seen the sugar-free non-dairy creamer that Nestle has? Do you think that's something that you can do on Phase 2? That would be rogue-esque obviously...but is it like sugar free gum, or sugar free hard candy? Or is it just really not something that you can use until Phase 3?

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Black coffee sweetened with splenda
Lunch: 6oz 2% Fage with strawberry "Just Fruit"
Snack: 6oz 2% Fage with strawberry "Just Fruit"
Dinner: 100g grilled chicken with salad, cucumbers, 4 cherry tomatoes with apple cider vinegar

Best of luck losing!

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