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Phase 2, Day 24 of VLCD

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Day 24 - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 152.8lbs


I'm so tired of this. This round has been a complete failure. I'm done with phase 2 for now. I didn't take my drops this morning so I'm going to wait the 48 hours before moving on to phase 3. The fact that I only lost like...nine pounds this round really posses me off. I don't know why this round was so different. Hopefully the next phase will be easier/more productive...

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  1. scientistmac's Avatar
    I hear ya! My goodness, so many of us have struggled this time around. Is round 2 like this for most people? I went into it thinking how easy it would be this time around with all of the knowledge and tricks I picked up the first time...but not so AT ALL!!!

    I hope you are able to stabilize well. I have been struggling because I just can't stop eating out of boredom. I am attempting yet another fage day today, and have faith that I can actually complete it and lose a couple of pounds. My mind is already wandering today, but I really am trying to focus...I swear!
  2. EmilyLayla's Avatar
    I know! It's been awful! I don't know if it's like this for most people or not...i hope next round is better. I totally just ended up cheating at lunch because I ended up going to te jazz lunch that is the first Wednesday of the month. Usually they just have salads but of course today they had sandwiches. Sigh. So I had a chicken salad sandwich with fruit and a chocolate chip cookie. And it's sad but I don't even care because I'm so mad at this round!